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The Sheep Shed Studio May 11, 2009

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So I finally (ok a month ago) entered into the lovely fiber artists’ world of the Sheep Shed Studio. This wonderful business in Wyoming provides all kinds of rovings, mill ends, rugs, mysterious bales of fiber and various other adventures for the fluff lover in us all. If you haven’t tried them out yet, I would highly recommend it. I decided to start small instead of ordering a 15 pound bag of yummy dyeable fibers. Hmmm… maybe after I move. Anyway, I asked for cotswald curls, some beautiful forest green roving, and a pound of soft grey roving that a number of dyers on ravelry had been raving about. Carol (bless her) added a little thank you sample of some black wool that you see nestled up there on the top. That grey fluff is super soft! I was ready to try my hand at dyeing greys but… first things first.

By now some of you will know that while on occasion I will accept the role of pink in gift giving, it is not a favorite color of mine. That has a lot to do with trauma overdoing the pink in my early childhood years, but that is a story for another type of blog. See that pile of pink? I think we can all agree that Carol did a lovely job with a variegated dye on those curls… sure to produce some lovely depths of color. However, pink does not go on my wheel for fun so after opening my box of goodies and cackling with glee, I pulled every pink or almost pink curl out of that back and threw it straight into one of two dye pots.

After some time in a marine blue dyebath and a high acid (for fast color striking) dyebath with blacks and mustards this is what our culprits turned into. Mwa ha ha. Soon there were batts to behold:

I did eventually get to play with some greys. I did a free form dye bath just as an experimental starting point. Whoops! Caught myself in that photo. The sun has been tricksy of late…

Here is a close up to show the color variety.

I still have a lot of fiber prep (and spinning) to do, but so far I am delighted with my Sheep Shed Studio experience. Definitely the go to fiber option for my upcoming grad school years. Hmmm… I wonder what my advisor will think of me buying fiber in bulk?

Knitted Votive Holder March 6, 2009

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Just a quickie for another update blast. This holiday season (yes… we are doing the catch up thing still) I made a votive holder for my grandmother. There is not a lot that she wants at this venerable and wise stage of her life, but lighting a regular candle for Santa Marta matters to her. So, knitting with wire it was. What a strange and different thing to do. All blessings upon Ravelry for being the place where I could get advice on how not to totally trash my fingers while doing this knitting.

28 gauge wire turned out to be the trick.

It was pretty easy! And Devorah, may she be forever blessed, was a huge help when she strung over 300 beads on this wire for me in advance so I could simultaneously work on knitting another (probably not to be pictured here) knitted gift. Time was tight. And she, as always, was a saint. Maybe next year she can have a votive holder of her own!

I decided to use Christmasy colors for beads and a red votive just to be festive. The doily in this picture was crocheted by one of the women who cares for my Grandmother. She is forever stitching… woman after my own heart.

I love you, Grandma.

The Joys of Rhinebeck September 29, 2007

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As I read and learn about Rhinebeck I get more and more excited. One of the best things about being on Ravelry has been the information and excitement about this face to face gathering of fiber fiends!

I can’t wait.

Today I signed up for Rhinebeck Blogger Bingo. If you are going to be there you must sign up! Oh the madness! Oh the artichokes! OK, that has nothing to do with bingo but I am salivating already.

I am also looking for good suggestions about identifiers for folks seeking me out. We have a few weeks. How am I supposed to know what I will be wearing? Hmmm… my hair definitely is a give away. We shall have to think about this one. Those really searching can find a pic of me buried somewhere in the archives of this blog. Not too terribly deep. Kind of like a treasure hunt!

I am hoping to wear my Lift and Separate Sweater. But it is growing slowly as endless yards of stockinette always seem to do. We are progressing slowly up the back. I love this fabric in 100% alpaca. It is deliciously soft and has a fabulous drape. Who can beat pomegranate tones for fall?

Hopefully it will get some air time in upstate NY. See you at Rhinebeck!

Rhinebeck Swap August 26, 2007

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I am so excited to be going to Rhinebeck for the first time this October! There is a ravelry Rhinebeck swap going on that I thought I would post about here to help get the word out. Apologies for being away from the blog. I am moving in a matter of days and it has eaten my world.

Happy fibers until soon!

Ravelry Rhinebeck Swap:

This swap is a Fall/October themed swap that requires NO postage! All of the participants will meet at Rhinebeck (in a location at the festival to be determined) on Saturday to exchange parcels and reveal themselves.

Monetary value is 40.00. The parcels should contain:

1) a fall themed project (small…1-2 skeins of yarn)

2)1 small, neato item you find at the festival

3) a fall themed treat! Can be a candy, drink, whatever reminds you of the fall!

and anything else you want to throw in!

email the following questionnare to [kileigh7 AT gmail DOT com]

Rhinebeck Swap Questionnaire:

1) Ravelry name

2) Name

3) What kind of projects do you like to knit?

4) What’s your favorite thing about the fall?

5) list 5 things that the word Fall makes you think about

6) Do you spin?

7) Do you primarily knit or crochet?

8) Are you allergic to anything?

9) Is there anything you’d like to let your pal know?

I’ll keep sign ups open until the end of the month.

Laura 🙂