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Turn a Square April 8, 2010

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Who doesn’t love the genius of Jared Flood? When Kierstin’s housemate (househusband) Adam was seen one too many times in public without handknit winter accessories, we had to make an intervention. She and I conspired to make him something that he would like (notice the lack of bright pink *grin*) and this is what he chose. She made the gorgeous scarf and I matched it with a Turn a Square hat. Rather than work with Noro which was brighter than he wanted, we chose Rowan Tapestry for it’s wonderful drape and hand and nice color shifts.

The colors are more true in the first pic… sorry, I didn’t take these photos myself. I think he looks super cute!

Pretty Thing Cowl March 31, 2010

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A pretty thing for a beautiful woman! I am sure that many of you, like me, were itching to cast on something soft and delightful the instant you saw our very own Yarn Harlot’s Pretty Thing Cowl. What a gorgeous pattern! I immediately thought Holiday Knitting, and that fact should clue you in to how far behind I am on blogging.

Given my tendency to knit smaller than most, I went up a needle size and knit this on 4s U.S. This gorgeous, shiny, soft, wonderful yarn is Artyarns Silk Rhapsody Glitter – made of silk, mohair, and shine. It is lovely when knit up, the multiple colors making for a somewhat heathered lace instead of something that distracts the eye. Here is a close-up of the cowl, oddly stretched because it has a folded pillowcase inside to show the pattern.

Going up a needle size made for good gauge in terms of stitches per inch, and I added a repeat of the lace pattern as well so that the cowl would fit her better. I swear the Yarn Harlot must have a tiny neck. That said, I did not account well for the increase in row gauge. Ooops. This is definitely too high for her neck after blocking though she seems to like it folded over. If I make this again, which I well might since I love the pattern, I will likely keep the 4s and the added repeat but reduce chart repetitions. I might also choose a yarn with less of a halo.

Still, this gift was appreciated and that is the entire point. She’s happy. 🙂

Gold Medal Shawl February 28, 2010

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Huzzah it is finished! I finished at a leisurely pace (yes, that means I didn’t get any reading done yesterday… it was a rough day) last night and finished sewing in the ends this afternoon while watching the men’s 50K cross country race. I will post pics of it on once it has been blocked. That will have to wait until my wires arrive. This is too long a straight-edged shawl to be buggered bothered with tons of pins. Hopefully they will arrive tomorrow!

Here is a close-up so you can see the detailing. Those few odd dropped stitches will even out once it is blocked. I am loving the pairing of the Rowan Tapestry with this pattern, though it is a huge pain to drop those stitches because the yarn is grabby.


I followed other knitters’ advice in several ways. 1) I purled the stitches to be dropped on the right side and knit them on the wrong side rather than bother with stitch markers. 2) I purled through the back loops on the stitches bracketing the stitches to be dropped (on the wrong side of the shawl) to keep a clean edge at the end. This made the pattern MUCH nicer. 3) I added several more repeats to the body to use up my yarn and increase the length of the shawl.

This is perfect tv knitting. Simple, pattern free after just a short investment of time, and very satisfying in the end. No wonder so many of these have been made! I am still cheering the rest of you on. So close! Keep breathing!

Christmas Knitting December 25, 2009

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Just a very short post to share two projects. The first is a hat (sorta) and scarf (sorta) that I made for Eliana, my father’s wife. She is lovely and when she saw my calorimetry expressed glee at the idea of having one. So of course that was an easy Christmas idea. But then I got to thinking that she could probably use something to go with it and when I saw the Cedar Leaf Shawlette, by Alana Dakos (ravel it here!) I knew it would be perfect for her. I also figured it wouldn’t look too strange with a calorimetry in the same yarn. I highly recommend doing this in a silk blend yarn for drape. Beautiful.

She looks gorgeous (as usual)! The shawl pin and yarn are both from Webs, Mirasol Tupa (50% merino, 50% silk) in colorway number 808. Did I mention that Eliana loves red? Here is a close up although the color is true in the first picture, not this one.

The second project is an afghan that I made for my father in 1996! Such a long time ago! To my delight he put it on my bed last night and I was able to take a picture of a very old FO. I rarely crochet, but granny squares were a novelty to me at the time. Nice to see that my taste in witchy colors is not new! This is a lap blankie, about twin size. I have absolutely no recollection of the yarn or anything else.

Winter Warmth December 14, 2009

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Even in the midst of pesky things like final papers, a woman has to stay warm! Oooh the transition from Florida to Connecticut has not been cute! Snow. We are not loving it.

That said, it does inspire me to knit. And knit. And bemoan all the time I spent knitting socks. At least my feet are warm. So two more warm things have been completed.

This is a scarf for Kierstin (another scarf for Kierstin, we should say). It is loosely based on the scarf patterns distributed by Schaefer to go with their yarns, yet the yarn itself is not Schaefer. It is Lana Bambu which is 79% wool, 21% bamboo and comes in gorgeous colors with fabulous drape.

I also had to make another calorimetry to go with my purple coat. Note cute thistle button. Hooray for warm ears! This is a great quick pattern for anyone still looking for winter woolies. This one is made in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran.

Calorimetry November 6, 2009

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This is such a fabulous pattern! After Kierstin made me one like a total love, I realized how perfect this winter gear solution was for locs. Problem… I have a bright red coat which I cannot wear with her delightful mauve calorimetry. I wear that one with my other coat. So what is a knitter to do the night before leaving for Montreal in November with said red coat? Knit of course! This is in Manos del Uruguay Wool Classica with a happy pewter spinning wheel button.

Too satisfying.

The Walk of Shame September 28, 2009

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Jaywalkers are of course a much beloved pattern and have nothing to do with the shame described in this post. I am celebrating the end of three… years… of second sock syndrome. Hence the shame.

It all began when I started toe up jaywalkers in Scout’s Socktoberfest colorway. Yes, nigh on three years ago. There is nothing quite like telling people to stay tuned on October 13, 2006 and just posting an FO today. Terrible. In my defense the dreaded second sock syndrome was compounded by the halloween theme of my socks. Pretty much if the second sock wasn’t started by the end of October it was set in the WIP pile for another year.

Several people who have seen my finished witchy socks have (rightly) argued that they can be worn at any time, not just at halloween. Though there is something about that orange-purple-black combo that does cry out for our unique American observance of this time of year. Is anyone else already looking forward to small children in adorable costumes? I definitely am. It is worth handing out chocolate to see such cuteness.

Regardless of your halloween practices, I for one am delighted to have these finished. And yes, even though these were started three years ago… the purple trend continues. While rumors may be circulating that I also just purchased a pound of dark plum merino top from The Fold, you can’t prove it and anyway it wasn’t my fault. 🙂

The Purple Theme Continues August 16, 2009

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Just a brief update to share that I have completed another Noro striped scarf (ubiquitous, yes) and this time I actually like the colors. Good thing since this scarf is for me. The colors are actually much brighter than in this picture, with some of those yellows being more on the green end of things. But most importantly, I am very pleased.

It is huge! Almost 100 inches in length and with much nicer drape than the last one because I used Noro Silk Garden Light this time. I highly recommend it.

Once upon a clog… August 8, 2009

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The Felted Clogs pattern by Bev Galeskas has been utilized by thousands of knitters to create deliciously squishy slippers. Mine went on something of a journey…

Once upon a time there was an eBay posting for a colorway of Manos del Uruguay yarn that I had never seen before. Neptune! The green and purple combo always appeals to my inner witchiness so there was no resisting. But then the yarn arrived. The green was lighter than anticipated. I had no idea what on earth to do with it. After a period of stash ripening, I began to imagine clogs. Warm, squishy clogs. This was when I was living in Illinois. In winter. Gak. So I made one. Yes, insert dreaded drumroll here. Just one. And then procrastinated waited.

Moving to Florida was, of course, wonderful inspiration to get that second clog done. Not so much. More stash ripening. Then finally came my recent move to New Haven, CT. Moving here from Orlando, FL was a bit of a shock. I was freezing cold in my house. In June. Uh oh. My two “wasted” years of knitting nothing warm, of obsessing over lace and socks, came back to haunt me. Cold in June. No one selling slippers. What to do? Enter the stash!

But of course, there was a problem. My original first clog had been cuffed in a solid purple yarn. Which I promptly lost. So I was out the other color and couldn’t find the remnant of that first skein of yarn either. And what had I done with two of the three remaining skeins? Gifted them to a friend of course. Genius. But she liked the colors, so how not? So there I was. Two cuffs and a full clog to do with one remaining skein of yarn. Would I make it?

See that dangling piece of yarn there? Yep. That is how much remained when I finished the outer sole (last section of knitting) on my second clog. These barely made it! I had to seam in another color of Manos. Anyway, the prayers worked and I just made it in the end.

One warning: I followed the felting instructions and felted for 10 minutes at first. That was the exact right amount of time. They were completely finished. Finished enough that I was worried I had overfelted. Which would have been a poor ending to our story. So please, if you make these clogs, start with less than 10 minutes of felting.

They fit! Thank goodness!

The end.

Koolhaas for Johanna June 7, 2009

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My fabulous cousin reminded me (mid-move, sorry that it has been so long between posts) that I have never knitted her anything. A horrendous oversight! After all, knitters are always looking for people to unload bless with yarny goodness. Think summer and one too many zucchini plants in the garden.

Now that I have moved away from Orlando and put many miles between us once again, it is good to know that she has something with her that I made with my own hands… an object that is literally stitched together with love. Of course, I still owe her a scarf. I am not a miracle worker. I got about halfway through the scarf which, considering all the moving madness, I’d say is a win. I loathe moving! The organizing, the purging, the boxes… the humbling love of your housemate who graciously models your knitted hat once again even though you have been cranky all day!

Devorah is full of grace. Those who know her know that well. Look at that photo, she is even smiling while wearing a hat made for someone with a bigger head. Patience, she has it. Koolhaas, this lovely dome of buttery soft cables, was designed by Jared Flood. Ravel it here. The yarn is 100% baby alpaca (Miski, by Mirasol) and therefore the cables do not pop as much as some other koolhaas’ I have seen. But the color was perfect (she asked for blue or purple) and the softness is not to be believed.

This was a lovely pattern. A bit hard on the fingers (what with the all over cabling), but if you are looking for the perfect reason to learn cabling without a needle, this one is more than worth it.