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Olympics Update February 24, 2010

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It is growing! I am actually reducing to the final point… the end is in sight! Hooray!

I am loving how this shawl is working up. The Rowan Tapestry yarn is super soft and has such lovely drape once the stitches are dropped. And its simple repetition makes for great Olympic knitting.

Four skeins down, and into the fifth. I did several more than the 12 straight section repeats suggested by the original pattern. The goal was to use up the yarn (which has been stash ripening for over four years) and have a nice sized shawl at the end. I believe the podium is in sight! And I have managed to keep up with my reading for school so I am feeling good about my decision to do an adapted knitting Olympics this time around.

For all of you who are knitting frantically, know that I am cheering you on! Go, go, GO! You can do it! Remember to stretch.

Knitting Olympics February 14, 2010

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I am delighted that the Yarn Harlot has decided to host the Knitting Olympics once again and therefore, even though I feel like I have next to no knitting time, I have decided to participate. You can see from the link above that the standard Olympian in the 2010 Knitting Olympics is meant to cast on during the opening ceremonies. Given the realities of my reading load this semester I have decided to set the completion of my Clapotis, shown above at the starting line and already 40% finished, as my goal. I began with two skeins used out of five and figured that was serious enough knitting, though simple. Which is good for my re-fried brain when it simply wants to watch some ski jumping and push all thoughts of religious ethics away for awhile.

The games have already begun and the shawl is growing at a surprising rate. More updates soon!