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The Joys of Rhinebeck September 29, 2007

Posted by lunarawe in plus size, Ravelry, Rhinebeck, sweater.

As I read and learn about Rhinebeck I get more and more excited. One of the best things about being on Ravelry has been the information and excitement about this face to face gathering of fiber fiends!

I can’t wait.

Today I signed up for Rhinebeck Blogger Bingo. If you are going to be there you must sign up! Oh the madness! Oh the artichokes! OK, that has nothing to do with bingo but I am salivating already.

I am also looking for good suggestions about identifiers for folks seeking me out. We have a few weeks. How am I supposed to know what I will be wearing? Hmmm… my hair definitely is a give away. We shall have to think about this one. Those really searching can find a pic of me buried somewhere in the archives of this blog. Not too terribly deep. Kind of like a treasure hunt!

I am hoping to wear my Lift and Separate Sweater. But it is growing slowly as endless yards of stockinette always seem to do. We are progressing slowly up the back. I love this fabric in 100% alpaca. It is deliciously soft and has a fabulous drape. Who can beat pomegranate tones for fall?

Hopefully it will get some air time in upstate NY. See you at Rhinebeck!


1. WickedStitchWitch - September 30, 2007

This is looking FABULOUS! I am loving the color. I have the Big Girl Knits book, however I have yet to make anything from it.

As far as your comment on my blog about the trapezoids…if you do not have or cannot locate the magazine the pattern is from. Basically to make the granny square a trap; just add a few stitches to the middle section on one side of the square.

2. Karen - October 2, 2007


First time at Rhinebeck…. I’m twitching with excitement.

I’ll be a square… see you there! 😉

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