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Rhinebeck Ribbons! October 23, 2007

Posted by lunarawe in blue ribbon, handspun, Rhinebeck, spinning, yarn.
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Rhinebeck was amazing!!!

We could not have asked for a more perfect weekend and this was a phenomenal experience.  I have so much to write about Rhinebeck that folks are likely going to get sick of reading about it. The best part was going with my most beloved friend, who deserves huge credit as blog staff photographer! All the Rhinebeck photos (except for a few sad fuzzy ones of mine – don’t worry, I will take the blame for those) were taken by Devorah… she of hat modeling fame. My favorite is the one above. Couldn’t you just kiss that nose?

Anyway… in total self promotion I really kind of have to start by sharing my excitement. I submitted three handpun skeins to the novice spinning competition (for folks spinning for less than a year) and I took first, third, and fourth place!

I am super proud. I think these may be the first ribbons I have ever won… well, maybe some swimming ribbons as a kid. Anyway, in celebration I came home with piles of loot… I mean stash… I mean fiber for spinning. Woo hoo!

Here is the proof:

It was a huge joy just to see that much spinning on display as well. There were some 15 or so categories of competition for skeins alone, so there was a lot of soft fluff on hand.

Stay tuned for tons of photos and more Rhinebeck news (Yes, the green and pink in front are mine).