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Color Gone Wild May 8, 2008

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There is nothing harder to resist in the glory of fiber. I am a tactile person myself… yet faced with beautifully balanced, lusty color I am helpless. I have been resting my eyes in lushness these many hectic and stressful months. Spinning, dyeing… dreaming of spinning and dyeing. One of these days I might return to my needles and knit. This roving above (half yet to be spun) is from Master Dyer Nancy Finn at Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks. I bought these four ounces of bombyx/merino blend from her at Rhinebeck in her Reds colorway. A complicated spin, but worth every minute. 205 yards so far of 3-ply, fingering weight yarn. Delicious. Helps me remember that delicate place where my sanity (or what’s left of it) lives.

To that end I have also been playing with one pot multicolored roving experiments. Always fun and the results are never what one might call expected.

Pour in the colors and watch them run! Not so much for the feint at heart. This fiber below, for example, was destined to become a roving filled with glorious yellows and fiery reds. ~delicate cough~ But hey, orange… and the colors are lovely nonetheless.

I also read the Knitty article on spinning silk hankies.

Well! Back to Nancy Finn and her More Teals colorway. There is something amazing about the strength of silk fibers. Also something odd about doing all the drafting separate from the spinning. Much less efficient.

But so beautiful.

This picture does no justice to either the colors or the shine. Remind me to hide the url on the lace flyer next time. Sigh. This is on a journey to becoming two ply laceweight. Pure silk. Oh the shawliness of it all!

Which of course got me exited about dyeing silk hankies. I mean, how could I resist? I sense projects in my future.

And some fabulously blessed person (Devorah) showered me in natural dyeing gifts for my birthday!

This after an adventure with weeding the waaay overgrown yard. And discovering (Devorah again) that the weeds were a dye plant. And not finding alum ANYWHERE. And now being prepared for next time.

Who knew mordants could be so pretty?

And last but not least I have been playing with the fabulous drum carder that wonderful Eric braved the frightening world of spinners to research and procure for Christmas. Yes. Haven’t blogged in a while.

Dyeing in solid colors to blend on a carder. SO differnt. Yet the heathered results. Yum.

These are waiting to be spun into a cabled yarn. Just as a soon as that second bobbin is spun.

Yep. Too much color. Poor me.