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More Rhinebeck Sitings October 19, 2008

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Fluffy Cotswold fleece

Fluffy Cotswold Fleece

Full confession to those who pay attention, this post was most certainly not written in October. That said, some things are worth documenting, no matter how late.

One of my absolute favorite Rhinebeck events is the Sheep to Shawl competition. In just a few hours groups of determined (mad) carders, spinners, and weavers transform unprocessed wool into beautiful shawls. It is really a thing of beauty to watch. One weaver per group, several spinners, and often a dedicated carder. They do most generously allow the weaver to warp the loom in advance. And then the madness begins!

My favorite group this year, no surprise here, was the team of witches working feverishly on their craft.

You have to admire a weaver who can hold her own in a pointy hat. Extra style points!


And this spinner was definitely a favorite. I admire the posture as much as the outfit. Plus, this group was energized and fun. There were tons of other good groups too! The group  below is gathered around their wool at the start of things. Such a lush color. Beautiful.


 A quick moment to admire the winning shawls, blue ribbon on the left and red on the right:

The blue ribbon shawl was dyed using natural dyes. Really stunning. As a non weaver this boggles my mind even without the frenetic racing and the time limit. Wow. This was also the same hall where the spinning competition was judged and displayed.

Three ribbons this year! I am very proud because at one and half years of spinning I am no longer considered a novice. One blue ribbon in the laceweight competition, a second place ribbon for three ply, and a fifth place for two ply. Super fun. And the lovely judges gave me this delightful mug (that I had been coveting in the fair, to be honest) with sheepies and knitting on it. Happiness! *delicate cough* And next year I will have to make sure to have neat ties that match. Oh the shame of it all. But I really appreciated the in depth notes this time around. Helpful.

There can be no sitings report complete without a photo of the delightful winner of this year’s hooked rug competition. I think this is both phenomenally done AND adorable. Definite points. And lastly, I leave you with a few llamas to tide you over until next year:

Full Day At Rhinebeck October 18, 2008

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Well the 2008 NYS Sheep and Wool Festival certainly did not disappoint! It was COLD though, for this Florida resident. But the goats were lively, the rovings were plentiful, and everywhere there was yarn to be had.

As you can see above the fair was packed today! Gone was the calm preparation and quiet of yesterday. This was a race to the shopping with no holds barred. The socks that rock line literally was half an hour long, but I got three rare gems! Hooray! I don’t think I have even seen one before. Stash enhancement photos tomorrow.

Devorah and I got to meets lots of animals today. Here was one sheep who could not get over his excitement at her, let’s be honest, orange parka.

And here I am succumbing to a friend’s insistence that I capture at least one photo of myself WITH the sheepies. The nerve of some people. *grin* At least green and purple are good witchy colors.

Oh but there was madness to behold… a speed spinning competition:

Folks trying to knit the fastest on chopsticks if you can even believe:

And a glorious pumpkin from the culinary institute of america.

And to round out the day’s collection of photos, a fine selection of goats. If you missed today, come tomorrow! Rhinebeck was a blast, as always.



Erev Rhinebeck October 17, 2008

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Twas the day before Rhinebeck.

All ‘cross the grounds,

the Sheepies were bleating

and making strange sounds…

It is always a joy to stop by the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival the day before it opens. I got to drop off my spinning for the competition (I can’t enter as a novice this year, sniffle) but usually wander around to admire the good folks getting themselves groomed before fair.

You can generally tell the already clean guys by their oh-so-stylin’ jackets.

I really just can’t get over the cuteness. Anyway, I am heading back to the fair tomorrow morning! Oh the joy and excitement! See you there…