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My New Schacht wheel is Matchless! February 19, 2009

Posted by lunarawe in handspun, spinning, spinning wheel.

Possibly the biggest unshared info in recent months has been my acquisition of a new and much beloved spinning wheel. Thanks again go to Toni at The Fold for helping me to both select my wheel during a visit to Marengo, IL and then have it arrive safely at my Florida home! It is a Schacht Matchless wheel and so different from the Ashford Traveller wheel that I have now been using for two years. This again was a spliced together holiday gift (huge thanks to my parents and to Devorah). Really amazing how expensive a good spinning wheel can be. That said, I absolutely love this wheel. There are some major differences. It has a double drive mechanism (though it can be converted to scotch tension) and SO MUCH SPACE for my feet. Also I love that the orifice is in the center. Though, wouldn’t you know it, after two years of spinning twisted to the left, I still sit that way. Plus changing bobbins and ratios is so much easier. Do not misunderstand, I really love my Traveller wheel. But now I can just leave it set up with its lace flyer in place and still have a lot of options without messing with the entire mother of all everytime I want to do something else.


As always Devorah in all her fabulousness put together my wheel for me. Doesn’t she look happier this time than last time? True, this wheel does not come with 29 pages of assembly instructions. Now that was a labor of love. You know she is too good to me because trying to put a wheel together while a crazed and excited spinner is bouncing excitedly all around the house just has to be harder. Poor Devorah.


Eventually spinning was taking place and the world was very, very fine indeed. I am now 3/4 done with the last of three bobbins of this eight ounce wool roving. I am really wanting to ply!