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Halloween Knitting October 31, 2007

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I realize this should have been gathered long in advance of Halloween, but oh well. On this fabulous day of outer garment enthusiasm it seems appropriate to gather some lists of Halloween costume knitting. Party on!

If you did knit your Halloween costume (or a portion of it) this year, please do drop a comment with a link so we can celebrate your fabulosity.

Some suggestions for next time around:

Flying Spaghetti Monster

Princess Leia Wig

Jackyll & Hide hat


Curlers Wig

Wig with Bangs

Elvis Wig

Teletubbies Hats

In Love with Lace Weight Spinning October 25, 2007

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I am aware that this is now the second non-Rhinebeck photo laden post in a row. Yikes. We will have to fix that later in the day.

That said, I had to share my new love of spinning lace weight yarn. I am biased, because that is what did so well at Rhinebeck, but also it has been such a joy. I picked up a lace weight flyer for my Ashford Traveler Wheel at The Fold before leaving Illinois. The kit came with a short length of undyed New Zealand merino wool for spinning. I started with that and spun half of it before my big move.

Then my wheel and all sundry supplies were packed up and shipped (or in the case of the wheel itself, driven by me, to Orlando). I finally started spinning the second bobbin of the merino this week.

I just spent a huge amount of time plying and ended up with 406 yards! From half an armspan worth of wool top! These photos are before wet setting. The soft squishiness came off the wheel nearly perfectly balanced. I just can’t stand myself. This photo is the yarn posing with my new niddy noddy, lovingly provided by Devorah at Rhinebeck. This was its first use!

Hooray for pretty tools.

Lenore! October 25, 2007

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Be forewarned there are serious Rockin’ Sock Club spoilers below.

I will admit that I have been a bit distanced from the sock club for the past two kits due to what I considered to be a great deal of pink. No complaints, mind you. I fully understand that selecting colors and kits for thousands of people means there will be months when the kit’s destiny is to be gifted to others.

My own lack of faith somehow kept me with with a Socks that Rock warm fuzzy in my heart (because how not?) but without a great deal of breath holding anticipation for this month’s sock club. And of course there was the little sneaky tactic of telling us things were not to be mailed until yesterday, when mine was clearly sent out earlier than that.

So without assaulting the postal carrier, or bouncing with hope, I got the mail today. My mailbox was stuffed with a priority mail envelope that STILL did not set off my clue bells.

Until I opened it and found Lenore!

Holy delicious socks, Batman! I love everything about this kit… the yarn (first release in the Raven series) is stunning and the pattern (provided by none other than the Yarn Harlot) is perfect perfect perfect. And spiders! Who can resist spiders? I cannot wait to get this on my needles.

No sooner had I said that before I realized that my last year’s Jaywalkers in Socktoberfest yarn have been in Second Sock Syndrome hell for a year. Crap. Do I leave them fester for one more year and dive into Lenore? Or do the responsible thing and return to the Jaywalkers first? Blargh. I travel again on Sunday. The truth will soon come out.

EDITED TO ADD: It didn’t even occur to me to share my ball band for the poetic license competition. My apologies! My ball band says “Looking Through Rose Colored Glasses.”

In Sheep’s Clothing October 24, 2007

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More Rhinebeck photos! Again, all the credit for the gorgeous pics goes to Devorah, who has the dubious honor of being our official blog photographer. *smile*

We had the unexpected pleasure of arriving at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds the day before the New York State Sheep and Wool festival began. I had to go on Friday to drop off my skeins of handspun yarn, and we made the most of an unexpected benefit. It turns out there were sheep competitions happening the day before, the first National Bluefaced Leicester competition to be exact.

Such joy. Recalcitrant sheep, loving owners, and open fairgrounds with almost no people in sight. We got to wander about and meet a bunch of fabulous animals. The sheep pictured above (like their friends below) were sporting supercute outerwear to keep their newly shorn selves neat and clean. Almost Paddington the Bear up above, but not quite.

I also loved the mad racing look of these sheepies. Aren’t they perfect?

I have to admit that I also learned a lot about Bluefaced Leicester, and sheep breeding just by listening to the judge. That would be the determined looking gentleman (wearing a cowboy hat)  in the upper left of this competition shot:

Oh the intricacies of sheep holding! Turns out I really loved the naturals (dark brown ones). They were just beautiful. And this sweet dam from what I think was the head competition. She didn’t win, but I still think her head is adorable, if not the “elegant” look of the winner.

This guy, whose breed I cannot remember, has four horns! Only three were captured here, but I think you can get a sense of his inner determination. Poor thing was having a hard time scraping all the paint off of his pen like his friends were, because his horns got in the way.

Too cute.

We also learned that next year’s featured breed is the Romney. I got some yearling carded wool in advance, for the spinning competition. They look like such traditional sheep, don’t they?

Thanks to Devorah and more soon!

Rhinebeck Ribbons! October 23, 2007

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Rhinebeck was amazing!!!

We could not have asked for a more perfect weekend and this was a phenomenal experience.  I have so much to write about Rhinebeck that folks are likely going to get sick of reading about it. The best part was going with my most beloved friend, who deserves huge credit as blog staff photographer! All the Rhinebeck photos (except for a few sad fuzzy ones of mine – don’t worry, I will take the blame for those) were taken by Devorah… she of hat modeling fame. My favorite is the one above. Couldn’t you just kiss that nose?

Anyway… in total self promotion I really kind of have to start by sharing my excitement. I submitted three handpun skeins to the novice spinning competition (for folks spinning for less than a year) and I took first, third, and fourth place!

I am super proud. I think these may be the first ribbons I have ever won… well, maybe some swimming ribbons as a kid. Anyway, in celebration I came home with piles of loot… I mean stash… I mean fiber for spinning. Woo hoo!

Here is the proof:

It was a huge joy just to see that much spinning on display as well. There were some 15 or so categories of competition for skeins alone, so there was a lot of soft fluff on hand.

Stay tuned for tons of photos and more Rhinebeck news (Yes, the green and pink in front are mine).

Ready for Rhinebeck! October 17, 2007

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I cannot wait for Rhinebeck! I was so excited to get my Rhinebeck Blogger Bingo card that I decided to not only get my “I’m a square!” button, but to also get a tote bag. Soft and squishy to tote the soft squishies!

I think it is probably unfair that I told people to search the archives of this blog for my photo. Here is a direct link. Apologies for those of you that have already gone looking.

Sadly, my Lift and Separate sweater will not be done in time for Rhinebeck. My travels have been intense and nonstop and the knitting time just hasn’t been there. But I will be submitting three skeins to the novice spinner’s competition. I am in it more for the feedback than the competition. It will be my first!

I just don’t think I can stand it any longer! Woo hoo!

THIS JUST IN: There will be a Ravelers meet up in the wide sidewalk area outside the food building at 12 noon- both Saturday and Sunday. Come join us there!

Thwack! October 2, 2007

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Have you ever just had one of those days when all the things you are supposed to be doing drive you to the utter depths of frustration? Welcome to my Tuesday.

Nothing quite says, “feel good,” like a quick knit project that is completely fun and can be finished in under an hour. You may remember that I bought the book Naughty Needles, by Nikol Lohr just before my move. It was more than time to take on one of these projects.

I think knitting your own flogger out of suede lacing is the kind of quick pick me up that everyone can use! And it says, “nyah nyah!” in the face of the frumpy knitter stereotype.