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The Walk of Shame September 28, 2009

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Jaywalkers are of course a much beloved pattern and have nothing to do with the shame described in this post. I am celebrating the end of three… years… of second sock syndrome. Hence the shame.

It all began when I started toe up jaywalkers in Scout’s Socktoberfest colorway. Yes, nigh on three years ago. There is nothing quite like telling people to stay tuned on October 13, 2006 and just posting an FO today. Terrible. In my defense the dreaded second sock syndrome was compounded by the halloween theme of my socks. Pretty much if the second sock wasn’t started by the end of October it was set in the WIP pile for another year.

Several people who have seen my finished witchy socks have (rightly) argued that they can be worn at any time, not just at halloween. Though there is something about that orange-purple-black combo that does cry out for our unique American observance of this time of year. Is anyone else already looking forward to small children in adorable costumes? I definitely am. It is worth handing out chocolate to see such cuteness.

Regardless of your halloween practices, I for one am delighted to have these finished. And yes, even though these were started three years ago… the purple trend continues. While rumors may be circulating that I also just purchased a pound of dark plum merino top from The Fold, you can’t prove it and anyway it wasn’t my fault. 🙂

Lenore! October 25, 2007

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Be forewarned there are serious Rockin’ Sock Club spoilers below.

I will admit that I have been a bit distanced from the sock club for the past two kits due to what I considered to be a great deal of pink. No complaints, mind you. I fully understand that selecting colors and kits for thousands of people means there will be months when the kit’s destiny is to be gifted to others.

My own lack of faith somehow kept me with with a Socks that Rock warm fuzzy in my heart (because how not?) but without a great deal of breath holding anticipation for this month’s sock club. And of course there was the little sneaky tactic of telling us things were not to be mailed until yesterday, when mine was clearly sent out earlier than that.

So without assaulting the postal carrier, or bouncing with hope, I got the mail today. My mailbox was stuffed with a priority mail envelope that STILL did not set off my clue bells.

Until I opened it and found Lenore!

Holy delicious socks, Batman! I love everything about this kit… the yarn (first release in the Raven series) is stunning and the pattern (provided by none other than the Yarn Harlot) is perfect perfect perfect. And spiders! Who can resist spiders? I cannot wait to get this on my needles.

No sooner had I said that before I realized that my last year’s Jaywalkers in Socktoberfest yarn have been in Second Sock Syndrome hell for a year. Crap. Do I leave them fester for one more year and dive into Lenore? Or do the responsible thing and return to the Jaywalkers first? Blargh. I travel again on Sunday. The truth will soon come out.

EDITED TO ADD: It didn’t even occur to me to share my ball band for the poetic license competition. My apologies! My ball band says “Looking Through Rose Colored Glasses.”

Needles, needles, needles October 31, 2006

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These past few days have been showered in knitting needles. First… a moment of silence for the recently frogged Birch Leaf lace socks. They were super cute! They were growing… but the neon-glare of an intensely turquoise spiral up and through the lace was taking away from the beauty of the pattern. That Lorna’s Laces Baltic Sea colorway will have to be used for something else that highlights its beauty. Has anyone else made gorgeous socks from this colorway?

So… one pair of empty Addis. So sad.

Next I decided it was critical to begin work on the gorgeous Socktoberfest colorway from Scout’s Swag before the end of Socktoberfest. After much careful thought (and almost succumbing to a mosaic plan) I decided that it might be time to give in to the tidal wave of Jaywalkers taking over the net. In truth the pattern does bring out the beauty of the yarn. So here is that first beginning on a set of Inox needles… I am enjoying the sharper points:

One final set of needles? You bet… seven in fact! This first attempt at doily making (don’t ask me what I was thinking) was supposed to be done on three needles, but as it is a hexagon, seven seemed easier for actually checking the pattern. I have never blocked pearl cotton before… should be fun!

A blessed Samhain to all! May your ancestors treat you with kindness this evening.

FO: Socktoberfest Goal Met! October 27, 2006

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I am just so pleased I cannot stand myself. All of my socks from yesteryear have been completed and I even added in another pair of socks of doom for myself. Woo hoo! This from the Empress of a Million WIPs.

The amazing thing is that I am not yet sick of socks! You would think with all the reading, knitting, dying (a la Sock Wars), and frogging that I would have had enough. But no… I am thinking of Jaywalkers with Scout’s Socktoberfest yarn.

Maybe that is a good thing. I travel so much for work that I had better not get sick of knitting socks. Of course, moving from California to a wintery place means that I should invest more time in those two sweaters currently on the needles. It is COLD here. Sheesh.

 Anyway… this is me admiring my warm toesies. May you all have toasty hand-knit socks to protect you from the Wintersmith.

FO: Catching up! October 24, 2006

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This is definitely my first Socktoberfest miracle… completing this basic stockinette pair of socks that I started two years ago! You see, this became the Yarn of Infamy. Imagine it… you are three quarters of the way through your sock using self-striping sock yarn. Then you come across… a knot. This has happened to me with other yarns (it always pisses me off), but this case was particularly obnoxious. Why you ask? Because the knot was made with complete disregard for the striped patterning of the sock.


So I had to frog enough to weave in, cut out tons of yarn until we were back to the right place in the patterning and then finish the sock. So I am of the belief that it is not entirely my fault that working on the second sock took so long. This was no regular second sock syndrome.

 That said I am amazed and delighted to report that I have caught up with my sock knitting! The oldest socks I have in progress went on the needles about two weeks ago. Huzzah. So… the polite socks of doom are just missing one cuff, they should be done soon. And the Birch Leaf socks are progressing slowly. Surely I have been sooooooo good that I can finally cast on with Scout’s Socktoberfest yarn, or maybe that luscious new Lorna’s Laces in their flame colorway.

 Decisions, decisions….

A Socktoberfest Book Review October 18, 2006

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I have been doing tons of reading this Socktoberfest. I have now gone through every book on sock knitting in my local library, and I thought it might be worth sharing some of that information with the rest of you. No one really needs every sock book in print on their shelves, so I am hoping that these reviews might save you from taking too much money away from The Yarn Stash. If you have other books that you want to review, please leave a link in the comments so the rest of us can benefit. There are indeed other sock books out there. Unfortunately I returned several before thinking of doing this, so there are some great texts that have gone unfairly unnoticed. Please help me to correct that. 



Vogue Knitting Socks

Color, color, color! This little book (just bigger than an outstretched hand) is full of color work and interesting little details. With only three lace patterns and a scattering of textures, these patterns mainly focus on using color in creative and traditional ways.


The Vogue sock book has what I would call a medium-low level of basic sock knitting instructional detail. It includes some advice on sock construction, yarn types and substitutions, very general descriptions of color work methods, and a few diagrams of casting on methods and the
Kitchener stitch. Also the familiar U-shaped pompom template for those making golf socks. There is some also some advice on gauge, blocking methods, and useful crochet stitches. But nothing is covered in great detail.


To be honest, this book is pretty low on my list of possible purchases, but it would travel quite well if you are looking for a pocketbook sized sock book.

Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles 


This book by Cat Bordhi is a well known classic that many have used on the journey away from dpns (I know, I know, many of you love them). If you have longed to work your socks on two circulars, this is the book for you. The Magic Loop method is not covered in this book.

This is not a very full volume. It contains mainly an overview of the technique (with very useful photos), some tips and tricks of the trade, and also some sock patterns formulated specifically for use with two circular needles. I found the section on translation a traditional pattern the most useful. The patterns in this book did not wow me, but the technique itself is one that I prefer, so if you have not yet ventured into this method of sock knitting, give Cat’s book a whirl.


Knitting Vintage Socks



This is just one of Nancy Bush’s well known knitting books. She is our resident historian, celebrating the methods and traditions that are still inspiring us unto this day. What I appreciated most about this book was its focus on the history of sock knitting. There is a great deal of information on the many and varied ways that socks are put together. Dutch, German, Welsh, or French? All of these heels types have diagrams, instructions, and advice. There is equal diversity among the demonstrated toes. This book definitely helped me to better understand why we do the things we do when we knit socks. Well… not everything, but you understand.


There are also many beautiful patterns in here with a classic feel. There is a great deal of texture and lace, with less color work than some other books I have seen. In these patterns you will find the foundation of many that are published in places like Knitty or MagKnits.


Knee-high lovers will find some great stocking patterns in this collection. If you are looking for timeless, traditional looks and a better understanding of the essence of sock knitting, this is the book for you.


Sensational Knitted Socks



This book has been much touted in the socktoberfest flickr group as a favorite in our community. I have to agree with everyone else. If you can only purchase one sock book, this is the one I would recommend.

What I love about Charlene Schurch’s work is that it contains more practical information than any other I have read. Everything from shoe sizes to knitting techniques to troubleshooting can be found within these pages with clear, helpful diagrams.


What makes this book so versatile is that every single pattern is given with instructions for 4dpns, 5dpns, and 2 circulars. There is something to learn from each sock project, and the range is wonderful. You will find lace, color work, and texture in these pages. And every project has a variety of possible patterned stitches within it.


This is a treasure trove! As the back of the book says, “This is the only book on sock knitting you’ll EVER need! Choose virtually any yarn, gauge, stitch pattern, and size you like – with nearly 1000 variations, the possibility for knitting fashionable to funky socks will last a lifetime.”


Socks Socks Socks



This book is a close close close second to Sensational Knitted Socks. What I love most about this text is the surprising collection of patterns; most of them bringing a new spin on a timeless article of clothing.

Here you will find 70 winning patterns from the Knitter’s Magazine Contest, edited by Elaine Rowley. There are things I had never dreamed of in here – from knitting socks with licorice laces, to embedded poetry, to piggy toes, and back again. I love the dragons whose tails wrap all the way around the sock leg. This book is a must have for lovers of knee-highs and those who like a little adventure in their knitting.


Who knew that socks could be constructed of colorful blocks, or that pattern’s for kids could be so wonderful (I am going to have to covert some of these for larger feet).


You will find very little sock knitting technique taught in this book, so if you are looking for help with basic sock construction I would look elsewhere. But if you are ready for new patterns to inspire your knitting… look no further.

Socks to Dye For October 16, 2006

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Oh I am just so excited! In honor of Socktoberfest (and my increasing jealousy at the sight of everyone’s gorgeous colorways) I have just registered for a class at the Fine Line.

My obsession with articles on Kool-Aid dying might actually become useful now! Oh waily waily waily… how much larger will the stash grow once I start dying my own yarns? Mwa ha ha ha ha!


Instructor: Dagmar Klos

This is for the knitter who wants customdyed, multi-colored sock yarn, but is unfamiliar with the dyeing process. Come and see how fun and easy this can be. We will be “painting” the colors onto skeins of yarn. Each knitter will bring her/his own wool(or wool blend) yarn for one or two projects to be dyed with acid dyes. Dye two colors or more. By the end of the workshop, yarn will be dyed and ready for knitting that special project that will be the envy of other knitters. Class is open to all levels.

Lace in Socktober October 15, 2006

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So Lolly is not the only one who is also knitting something other than socks during Socktoberfest. Frankly my pinkies can’t take the constant pressure. Yes… my knitting is too tight. With socks anyway. It’s those ridiculously small needles that do me in every time.

Anyway… my mentor’s Kimono shawl groweth (and maketh all things new).

shawl in progress 

I cannot decide if these colors are just perfect for her (she really seems like a jewel tone person) or just waaaaay over the top. I get it that there is absolutely no way to appreciate the lace on this thing when it is up against my green couch. So be it. For detailed close up of the pattern, see below.

 I am just glad that the switching skeins every other row is, in fact, preventing major pooling. Otherwise I might have to hurt someone. Why can’t we just make the anti-pooling colorway? I know I would invest!

The trouble with polite knitting… October 14, 2006

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Is that eventually you have to finish that project… long after the meeting is over. I am one foot into my polite socks of doom (easily identified by their short row heels).


Fear not, the Birch Leaf socks grow ever longer, their insistent chart instructions are calling me.

OK… and now to not succumb to second sock syndrome. Maybe I will save the next one for the plane ride to Orlando next week.

You think Mickey Mouse knows how to knit?

Friday the 13th Yarn October 13, 2006

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What is the absolutely most perfect thing that can happen on Friday, October 13th? The arrival of gloriously delicious, Socktoberfest yarn!

This is my first ever purchase from Scout’s Swag and I will definitely be going back for more! I was one of the lucky ones that managed to get this limited colorway designed specifically for Socktoberfest and I am thrilled. Here was my delighted yarn celebration from today:

Gorgeous yarn arrival!

On the swift…

Neatly balled yarn.


Wow… Scout’s colorway is so perfect that the ball damn near has an argyle pattern. I can’t wait to see how this knits up. Stay tuned! 

Also be sure to check out this fabulous sock yarn review.