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They Really Are Blue! February 28, 2007

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I decided to post a pic of my Broad Street convertible gloves/mittens in progress just to prove that I am, actually, knitting something blue.

You will note the bagginess of the glove… these are not for me but for a friend whose hands are much larger than mine. Having never worked on gloves of any sort, I am enjoying watching the construction of these unfold. That said, I seem to be spending an unhealthy amount of time thinking about someone else’s finger crotches. Which is troublesome.

Of course the mitten part of this left hand-warmer has not yet come into being. I am still working out how to adapt this to add for a “thumb flap” since my friend wants all of his “gripping surfaces” available to him.

Really, this project has been pure comedy. Stay tuned.

Dance of Joy February 25, 2007

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I am so excited! My first three ply yarn! Well… ok… truth time. I did actually attempt Navajo plying that one time like I said I would. And the result was an unholy snarl. Not even an exorcism could have saved that yarn. This time I spun up three singles and plied them the simpler way. I am really delighted with the results. This is 120 yards of 100% merino wool, soft and fluffy with no slubs!

Witness the beginning spinner’s dance of joy!

Addendum: whoops! Checked the wpi on this skein and it came out to 14! How did that happen?!?!?! I was aiming for worsted weight and ended up with sock yarn. Crap. And here I was worried that any of my singles done three ply would result in something bulky. *sigh*

Solstice Memories February 24, 2007

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OK… so this post is looooooooong overdue. I made a pair of socks for my good friend as a Winter Solstice gift this past midwinter celebration season, and then forgot to bring my camera when I gave them to her. Foolishness. She happily is with me this weekend (celebrating her birthday) and was gracious enough to bring them with her so that I could rectify my sad absentmindedness.

I really did enjoy working with Schaeffer Anne in such a beautiful colorway. But ye gods… socks on size one needles. Gonna be a while before I do that again….

Bootie Potential February 23, 2007

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A friend of mine is having a baby in August, which is such a joyous and delightful thing! When she told me that she had found the most adorable pattern for felted baby booties I knew that I wanted to spin up some soft yarn to cover the little toesies once they arrive. Her pattern only requires 90 yards of worsted weight yarn so off I trudged (like it was such a terrible burden to return to the fiber store!) to purchase little nibblets of merino rovings.

Those of you involved in project spectrum 2.0 will notice that not a single one of these is blue, white, or grey… but white and grey seem spectacularly boring for something as fabulous as baby feet, and blue was too gender specific. Fear not, I have two blue projects in process. Maybe I will even post pictures of them soon!

As of this posting I have two thirds of the green roving spun into singles, and am hoping to get to the last third today. I am trying to make a three ply yarn this time so the merino comes out even softer and fluffier. Either way, it has been a joy to spin. The high shine in the color is just beautiful! Who knew?

Nostalgic Peppermint February 20, 2007

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So I finally returned to my candy cane yarn. I had a lot of the red single left just waiting for more of the undyed wool for plying. This is definitely my strangest spinning project to date. After spinning the first roving from Ferndale Fibers and plying it against itself, I was not happy about the coarse, scratchiness of the resulting yarn. But I had a whole other 8 oz roving remaining. Yes, I could have returned it… but the color was so beautiful. I decided instead to ply with some super soft undyed wool tops I had purchased to use while learning.

I am very happy with the softness of the resulting yarn. Also plying two different colors has taught me a lot about plying itself since it is so much easier to see what I am doing. That said, I just added another 190 yards of candy cane yarn to my stash (and finally soaked that other skein from last time as well) bringing me to a grand total of 415 yards. Some of the red roving remains. Do I keep making yard upon yard of candy cane yarn hoping that some project will inspire me to knit with these colors? Do I quit while I am ahead now that (finally!) that entire bobbin of red singles has been plied and set? Do I quit whining and remember how much I adore my new wheel and spinning in general?

Hard to say. Anyone have a great pattern suggestion for a yarn filled with peppermint dreaming?

From Cincinnati, to Savannah, to D.C. February 19, 2007

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This poor sock has travelled long and far. I pretty much refused to work on it while not on a plane, other than its toe and the very top of its ribbing.

It began its formation in Cincinnati during a friend’s guitar lesson, and after that grew mainly above ground. It took a brief detour to the warmth of Savannah, and then finally made its way to our capital.  Finally this evening (after returning from Washington, DC) I took pity on it, finished the last half inch of ribbing and wove the ends in.

The pattern on the leg is a simple twin rib (known to many as rib of doom!).

Poor thing was starting to collect frequent flyer miles!

For the Love of a Knitter February 16, 2007

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My recent weeks have been filled with the humming drone of airplanes. The sharp increase in my travel has served mainly to put a significant dent into my knitting and my spinning (ok, and to get me back and forth to work events).

On Thursday, having been home for all of three days, I got on a plane bound for Washington, D.C. and expected more of the usual: horrible delays, unhappy flying companions, and struggling to keep my needles to myself while being packed in tight as sardines in a glorified tin can.

To my utter delight that is not what happened. For the first time in weeks my flight left on time. My housemate and I had an entire exit row (five seats) to ourselves. And I had all the room in the world to knit. Not once was my ball of yarn tucked under one arm as we waited to take off or land.

Better still a woman two rows ahead of me was also knitting socks. I discovered this when the nice man behind her got up from his seat and started digging around looking for a lost double pointed needle.

Can you imagine the horror of losing a double pointed needle right at the *start* of a flight? Terrible. You know I had to get involved. We found it eventually, after a long saga. And I eased my way forward in the cabin to say hello and share the mile high sock experience with her.

Delightful. Others on the plane shook their heads in confusion as we compared our socks and our yarns. For me, it left a smile on my face that lasted long past the time when the wheels hit the tarmac.

Travelling February 8, 2007

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I have been away from the blog for a while. Mainly because I have been travelling. I discovered today just how bad the photo capabilities are on my phone… apologies all around.

 I simply wanted to prove that I too am making sure to knit socks in public (though I always have) after the Rockin’ Sock Club saga of last month. This is today’s undertaking, on an airplane from Cincinnati to Chicago, using Socks that Rock in the Puck’s Mischief colorway. You can tell it’s an airplane by the seat back tray tables. I know that I am too late for the contest, but it seemed like a good idea to document just the same.

I figured that there is enough blue in this yarn to qualify it for Project Spectrum 2.0. And if not, well, things will have to wait until I arrive home again. At least this continues to serve as polite knitting, though the other day a fellow passenger stopped on the return trip from the bathroom to inform me that it was unfair that I could take my knitting needles on the plane.


Candy Cane Yarn February 1, 2007

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Here is my yarn in progress. Amazing how the blooming during soaking changes its appearance. The yarn above has not yet been in water, while the yarn below has already been soaked and dried. The pomegranate is only to distract you from the candy cane nature of this two ply. The red is another roving from Ferndale Fibers. I found the fiber to be quite coarse, so this time I chose to ply it with some white wool tops. Much fluffier and lovely. Not sure about the candy cane element though.

This is about 225 yards so far. I still have at least another 150 – 200 yards of the red single on the bobbin. So I have more white spinning in my future. These two singles were also spun using different ratios which was new for me. But then, most things having to do with spinning are new to me… and will be for quite some time!