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I have been knitting on and off since my grandmother first taught me to knit (a pink garter stitch barbie blanket, I am ashamed to admit) at the age of seven. For years my knitting world consisted of creatively constructed rectangles until my ex was kind enough to give me a gift certificate for knitting classes one Christmas.

Enter my sock knitting addiction. I figured knitting socks was a good way to learn to knit different shapes, and my knitting took off once again from there.

I am now also dyeing rovings and spinning my own yarn. Such joy! I am new to spinning – January, 2007 began that new obsession – but it feels even more natural to me than knitting does. Now all I need is more time.


1. orchidsmielslussier - October 28, 2018

Aloha Stitch Witch
Thank’s for posting info about your milkweed carding experiment.
I’am onto a similar pat and just about to buy a drum carder to process floss… could you tell me how many tooth per square inch your drum carder has?

best regard

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