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Once upon a clog… August 8, 2009

Posted by lunarawe in clogs, felted clogs, felting, fo, knitting, Knitting - FOs, yarn.

The Felted Clogs pattern by Bev Galeskas has been utilized by thousands of knitters to create deliciously squishy slippers. Mine went on something of a journey…

Once upon a time there was an eBay posting for a colorway of Manos del Uruguay yarn that I had never seen before. Neptune! The green and purple combo always appeals to my inner witchiness so there was no resisting. But then the yarn arrived. The green was lighter than anticipated. I had no idea what on earth to do with it. After a period of stash ripening, I began to imagine clogs. Warm, squishy clogs. This was when I was living in Illinois. In winter. Gak. So I made one. Yes, insert dreaded drumroll here. Just one. And then procrastinated waited.

Moving to Florida was, of course, wonderful inspiration to get that second clog done. Not so much. More stash ripening. Then finally came my recent move to New Haven, CT. Moving here from Orlando, FL was a bit of a shock. I was freezing cold in my house. In June. Uh oh. My two “wasted” years of knitting nothing warm, of obsessing over lace and socks, came back to haunt me. Cold in June. No one selling slippers. What to do? Enter the stash!

But of course, there was a problem. My original first clog had been cuffed in a solid purple yarn. Which I promptly lost. So I was out the other color and couldn’t find the remnant of that first skein of yarn either. And what had I done with two of the three remaining skeins? Gifted them to a friend of course. Genius. But she liked the colors, so how not? So there I was. Two cuffs and a full clog to do with one remaining skein of yarn. Would I make it?

See that dangling piece of yarn there? Yep. That is how much remained when I finished the outer sole (last section of knitting) on my second clog. These barely made it! I had to seam in another color of Manos. Anyway, the prayers worked and I just made it in the end.

One warning: I followed the felting instructions and felted for 10 minutes at first. That was the exact right amount of time. They were completely finished. Finished enough that I was worried I had overfelted. Which would have been a poor ending to our story. So please, if you make these clogs, start with less than 10 minutes of felting.

They fit! Thank goodness!

The end.


1. Zel - August 8, 2009

I love these! Turned out great even with the complications.

2. Corinne - August 9, 2009

Oh wow! They look soooo comfortable! I have tried felting a few times and I think I either over felt or get scared and stop to soon. Felting is one of those crafts I would really like to improve on.

That yarn you used is splendid – do you remember the ebay seller’s name?


lunarawe - August 9, 2009

You know it was from the collective itself. I tried to find them on eBay so that I could link their sales but I couldnt find them at all. I am sorry, I do not remember the exact name.

But thanks!

3. Claire - August 31, 2009

Wow, I love these! I am hooked. I must go look at the pattern now. Glad to have found your blog. Am I you first Pagan reader in Iowa? We are a rare breed you know! I think I shall try this with my Icelandic roving when it comes back from the processor. Oh, but what colours to try? I am having a dyeing party for my spinning guild in a few weeks with walnuts and osage orange and goldenrod. Perhaps it will come to me then.

lunarawe - September 15, 2009

Actually I once met a quite large bunch of Pagans in Iowa… a fabulous group! Thanks for dropping by the blog!

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