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The Stripes of Madness March 2, 2009

Posted by lunarawe in fo, knitting, Knitting - FOs.

There was a time way back these many weeks when one of our favorite knitting mentors, The Yarn Harlot, was helping her body adapt to stressful conditions by watching the pretty colors form under the k1p1 rib of a Noro Striped scarf. I remember reading that post and being drawn to the prettiness, for all that she was bemoaning how many other knitters had already knit the exact same thing. Like others, I have no doubt, I felt compelled to go out and knit with some Noro… something which had never called to me before. Usually I find their yarn too scratchy, but I hunted up some silk garden and gave it a go.

There was one thing that went fatally wrong however. In my colorway selection (and I am ashamed to admit I no longer remember which colors these are) I was swayed at the last moment to swap out one colorway for another that my housemate preferred. It was a lovely colorway… but… I dont think it goes so very well with the other one chosen. Kierstin (the lovely model above) disagrees and happily took this scarf off of my hands. The prime color clash (bright pink and bright green) are not so terribly obvious in that photo, so here is another:

Sigh. BRIGHT. But it was very soothing to my stressed out fingers while I was finalizing my grad school applications. So much so that I ended up purchasing more yarn in Silk Garden Light (and in happier colors) and am making another scarf for myself. More pics of that one in the future. But here’s to sharing another FO… and more importantly for finding out yesterday that I got into my top choice for school. I am so excited! I hope they have a good spinning guild in New Haven.



1. lsinha - March 10, 2009

It doesn’t have the subtlety of some of the others, but I kind of like the high contrast. I’m not sure it would fit into my wardrobe, but there are plenty of other wardrobes out there that do strange and wonderfully bold things with color. It’s pretty. ๐Ÿ™‚

2. lunarawe - March 11, 2009

*grin* Thanks! I think Kierstin is feeling of late that it matches nearly everything in her wardrobe. I guess that is what happens when nearly every color is in your finished object. *laugh*

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