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In Sock News… February 17, 2009

Posted by lunarawe in fo, knitting, Knitting - FOs, knitting socks, socks.

It has been ridiculously long since I have written. In good news there as been much progress, new fun toys, and a returning drive for knitting even though spinning and dyeing are still vying for much of my crafting energy and time. These simple socks were started months ago… a kindness to hands of restlessness during our denomination’s annual meeting. Hours in the plenary hall really require some sort of crafting freedom to pass the time. Happily no one fusses when staff knits, so I thought it the perfect time to knit for a friend.

Inevitably the amount of time I assumed plenary would take in boredom years was only half as long as it would take me to knit what I think is a somewhat timetaking (yet mindless) pattern: twin rib. What remains then of course is not only single sock syndrome, but the added reminder of all of those hours of meeting time wrapped up in casting on for the second sock. Finally out of sheer embarrassment, these got done and were mailed scant hours ago. A simple non-pattern, toe up with a slip stitch toe and heel. This yarn is Socks that Rock, mediumweight. Lush and fabulous.

I also have gotten to the half way mark on another long dormant pair of socks, my monkey socks. Ridiculous that they have been dormant for so long, since this is in fact a super fun pattern to knit. And the yarn is gorgeous. Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock again, this time in the Raven Series. Both of these are holdovers from the Rockin’ Sock Club so you know we are digging into stash history… that fine strata of projects not yet complete. The goal is to clear some back work out of the queue to, of course, justify the casting on of evermore projects. Perfection.

Apologies for the wonky photo. I saw a clear space in all the clutter and plop! Down the sock went. More news soon… a woman can’t be expected to catch up all at once.



1. laruse - February 17, 2009

Beautiful socks! I want to try Monkey soon.

2. lunarawe - February 17, 2009

Thanks so much! You should!

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