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Full Day At Rhinebeck October 18, 2008

Posted by lunarawe in knitting, Rhinebeck, spinning.

Well the 2008 NYS Sheep and Wool Festival certainly did not disappoint! It was COLD though, for this Florida resident. But the goats were lively, the rovings were plentiful, and everywhere there was yarn to be had.

As you can see above the fair was packed today! Gone was the calm preparation and quiet of yesterday. This was a race to the shopping with no holds barred. The socks that rock line literally was half an hour long, but I got three rare gems! Hooray! I don’t think I have even seen one before. Stash enhancement photos tomorrow.

Devorah and I got to meets lots of animals today. Here was one sheep who could not get over his excitement at her, let’s be honest, orange parka.

And here I am succumbing to a friend’s insistence that I capture at least one photo of myself WITH the sheepies. The nerve of some people. *grin* At least green and purple are good witchy colors.

Oh but there was madness to behold… a speed spinning competition:

Folks trying to knit the fastest on chopsticks if you can even believe:

And a glorious pumpkin from the culinary institute of america.

And to round out the day’s collection of photos, a fine selection of goats. If you missed today, come tomorrow! Rhinebeck was a blast, as always.





1. Joey - December 3, 2008

The pumpkin’s really impressive — wish I could do something like that!

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