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Spinning Socks! September 11, 2008

Posted by lunarawe in fo, socks, spinning, yarn.


Me, the airplane, and very small needles. This combination has carried me back and forth across the United States more times than I care to count. Socks are so handy, so satisfying, and so discrete in the foul process of hurtling across the land waaaay too far above ground. I am also the type of knitter that firmly believes sock yarn does not count as stash. It is harder to hold firm on that one with roving meant to be turned into sock yarn. So why has it taken me this long to spin some yarn for glorious, cozy sock knitting?

Spinning sock yarn eats your fingers off.

Having just pulled 212 yards of fingering weight three ply in superwash wool (the first of two skeins) off of the wheel, I am now admiring the super thin grooves that have been scraped, worn, and quite possibly burnt into my sad little fingers. It must be the superwash. I have spun so many different fibers and at much smaller weight than this and kept my fingerprints intact. But no more. Talk about second sock syndrome. I have 636 more yards of singles to spin. Ow ow ow.

It is pretty though. This picture is truer to color. I will post another once the skein has finished drying.

Unbelieveable. I also recently had my first experience spinning soy silk.

I will admit that I am not as awe inspired as others have been with the finished product though it is nice and soft. But I do love these colors and it is always nice to spin something new. This 180 yard skein of chain plied yarn (three ply) was made for a friend of a friend.

May it bring healing and peace.



1. ret - September 12, 2008

oh.so.pretty!! sorry about your little fingers, though…

2. lunarawe - October 18, 2008

thanks, I am delighted to say they have healed up by now…

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