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Still more spinning July 28, 2008

Posted by lunarawe in dyeing, embroidery, fo, handspun, spinning, yarn.

While there has been some knitting going on (I promise! Both a lace shawl and some socks are ever growing – but can’t be shown because they are secret still) I still have my heart set quite firmly on my spinning wheel. Mainly I have been focusing on interesting experiments.

I finally spun up the Romney wool I had blended with recycled sari silk in the drum carder. Why does no one tell you that carding sari silk sounds like pulling tangles from hair with a hair brush? Not so nice. But the inclusion in the wool is lovely. I did a basic two ply from two singles – one pure Romney, one Romney with sari silk embedded:

Yep. It even looks hairy. But the two ply is lovely. It is a little rough since Romney is definitely less soft than the ubiquitous Merino. But it does have a lovely sheen to it.

Sorry. Will try to get better pics next itme. That couch is supposed to be green. The yarn has both purple and green silk in it (as you can clearly see… oh no wait. Yeesh).

Next I went to visit a long-time, and greatly beloved, friend who graciously allowed me to spin on his wheel while I was there. This is a simple two ply Merino, in soft green and pink. I can take no credit for the staging. This is actually prior to wet setting, but the yarn was basically balanced already.

I left this 250 yard skein with him for hand weaving. He makes luscious things with his loom.

Finally for another Crafty friend I have been spinning fine two ply (why so much two ply, huh… not my norm) for embroidery purposes. She is working on a lovely hanging).

Let’s see. In the first row from left to right we have hand dyed silk hankies, 100% Merino, and more hand dyed silk hankies. In the center we have a blend of the Merino and Alpaca, which I am lovingly calling “baby puke.” The bottom row from left to right is Baby Alpaca, 100% hand dyed Tussah Silk, and 100% black Blue Faced Leicester (natural color). Everything I have labelled hand dyed I dyed myself. Super fun!

I am very happy with the red Tussah Silk. So fine!



1. Georgianne - August 16, 2008

My daughter is an avid knitter (fiddlelee.com) and also a great fiddle player. To satisfy her desire to go to Rhinebeck, plus our need to perform (need to pay bills!) I managed to get us booked at Rhinebeck. At least we’re supposed to be — still waiting on the contract. Anyhow, Erica wants me to design a t-shirt tying our music to knitting so all her stitch and bitch friends can buy one and support their local fidlle/knitter, except to do so I kinda need a photo of a skein of yarn. I’m doing a pen & ink rendition, but need something to look at. If anyone has a really good photo of a skein of yarn that I can use as a model I’d really appreciate it. I checked Erica’s stash and she wound most of hers into balls. Thanks, Georgianne

Oh, and I read bunches of posts before I posted this, and although we’re Quakers we kinda consider ourselves pagans. Interesting post.

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