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Lenore! October 25, 2007

Posted by lunarawe in knitting, knitting socks, Rockin' Sock Club 2007, socks, Socktoberfest, yarn.

Be forewarned there are serious Rockin’ Sock Club spoilers below.

I will admit that I have been a bit distanced from the sock club for the past two kits due to what I considered to be a great deal of pink. No complaints, mind you. I fully understand that selecting colors and kits for thousands of people means there will be months when the kit’s destiny is to be gifted to others.

My own lack of faith somehow kept me with with a Socks that Rock warm fuzzy in my heart (because how not?) but without a great deal of breath holding anticipation for this month’s sock club. And of course there was the little sneaky tactic of telling us things were not to be mailed until yesterday, when mine was clearly sent out earlier than that.

So without assaulting the postal carrier, or bouncing with hope, I got the mail today. My mailbox was stuffed with a priority mail envelope that STILL did not set off my clue bells.

Until I opened it and found Lenore!

Holy delicious socks, Batman! I love everything about this kit… the yarn (first release in the Raven series) is stunning and the pattern (provided by none other than the Yarn Harlot) is perfect perfect perfect. And spiders! Who can resist spiders? I cannot wait to get this on my needles.

No sooner had I said that before I realized that my last year’s Jaywalkers in Socktoberfest yarn have been in Second Sock Syndrome hell for a year. Crap. Do I leave them fester for one more year and dive into Lenore? Or do the responsible thing and return to the Jaywalkers first? Blargh. I travel again on Sunday. The truth will soon come out.

EDITED TO ADD: It didn’t even occur to me to share my ball band for the poetic license competition. My apologies! My ball band says “Looking Through Rose Colored Glasses.”



1. The Queen of the Snow Cows - October 25, 2007

I would most definitely cast on for Lenore. ‘Tis the season after all.

And really, the other sock will keep… 😉

2. witchypoo - October 25, 2007

I just hope I get to the mailbox before my daughter… she is so going to want these.

3. mariajhmom - October 25, 2007

Two words….Start Lenore.

4. mea - October 25, 2007

What does your skein band say???

Mine is on my blog.

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