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It’s All About Presentation July 18, 2007

Posted by lunarawe in dyeing, handspun, spinning, spinning - FOs, spinning fo, yarn.

Let’s face it. Photographing fiber arts for blog presentation can be a lot less exciting than actually engaging with the fiber itself. I have recently been in something of a TV tray rut. This same tray which holds my ball and swift aloft as I make skeins generally gets roped into service any time there is a need for a photo shoot.

Does this type of pic look familiar?

Don’t misunderstand me. The tried and true TV tray is neutral and flat and can be set up anywhere. It has its distinct advantages. This glorious colorway was dyed by Deb of Dudley Spinner and then I spun it into a chained (or Navajo) 3 ply. This is about 150 yards, spun up as a thank you to the wonderful woman who let me practice on her wheel and taught me some basics about spinning.

There is always the creative TV Tray pile for a change of pace…


Or even the venerable office chair if you want to get really wild. I dyed these two rovings myself using Landscapes dyes – about 4 oz. each of that beginner’s white wool top I mentioned before.

They were both definitely inspired to a certain degree by the Portland Rose Gardens.

Then there is always a flat hand in a pinch. This is six ounces of blue faced leicester from Fleece Artist, spun into 325 yards of three ply for a friend whom I adore. I call it the “I Love Rosemary” colorway (blended from two different roving colorways that were not labelled). Crappe. Now I really need to get that in the mail ASAP.

At the end of things, I have to admit that this final pic is my favorite. This yarn was spun about a month ago, and wound up being part of my housemate’s hat. Lying still for this pic was definitely a sign of love. He is such a sweetie…



1. Emilee - July 18, 2007

Those rovings are beautiful!

2. Mary Emma Allen - July 19, 2007

Interesting ideas for photographing. I just wrote about photographing one’s work for my Quilting and Patchwork blog and Home Biz Notes blog. I realized some people often forgot how important photography could be and the various choices they had.
Also, as you say, “It’s all about presentation!”

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