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Sheep to Hat – the perfect hat model strikes again July 13, 2007

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You may remember a while back I shared how my housemate is the perfect hat model. She is patient, and kind, and has a penchant for wooly head coverings. Or seems to anyway. She has also encouraged and prodded me on my journey as a spinner… a new identity which is threatening to take over my knitting and keep on running.

When I told her that I wanted to try dyeing in the house she was positive yet again. The one request she made of me was to not get stains on the kitchen counter; a fair request considering we rent our home.

So I began with great joy, starting by dyeing some sock yarn that was left over from my original yarn dyeing class. I was using Landscapes dyes, which work wonderfully and come in delicious and easily mixable colors.

What I did not expect was the joy that comes in dyeing rovings for spinning. I was shocked at first at how much dye was required. I have since learned that less than half that amount works much better and results in less of a dark, mixed roving.

Still, my first ever hand dyed roving brought me great joy. I don’t have a name for it, which is good because I could never hope to reproduce the colors. I used so much dye, which ran amok while steaming, that this was definitely a once in a lifetime event.

Still, it spun up beautifully and made a delicious, squishy, 3 ply yarn. I have had the joy of dyeing more than a pound of my first beginner’s wool top that, in my naive enthusiam, I purchased two pounds of just as I first started to spin. Let’s face it, white wool top gets too boring to be believed. But it dyed up a treat.


The top yarn is from that first roving, the purple tweed on the bottom (100% merino, in a “garnet” colorway) is about 210 yards that I spun for my ex’s birthday. Enough to make a hat, just like he requested.

Anyway, my housemate fell in love with this hat which practically came from the sheep itself. Yes, I know, I have some fiber prep to learn. But still. This was a fun journey. How could I do anything but send her off with this hat which just looks so adorable on her? Doesn’t she look cute wise?

Did I mention that she saved me from the inevitable, massive spill on our countertop that was preordained from the minute it was mentioned? And that she was supportive all the way through? Ahem. Turquoise swirls were not the fashion statement of choice for our mostly burgundy kitchen. Whoops. I didn’t have the heart to take a pic until it was clear that the counter could be saved. A saint she is… without a doubt.



1. Gear Guy - February 10, 2008

Heh, she is a good hat model. Love the wool, thanks for the posts!

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