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A World of Roses July 12, 2007

Posted by lunarawe in dyeing, Japanese Garden, Portland, roses.

It has, once again, been an unreasonably long time since I have brought any attention to the blog. I would just give up and tell myself that my blogging phase is over… if not for the 84 blog intended pics I just downloaded off of my phone.

It is a bizarre thing to finally have a camera on my cell that takes usable pics. This one even seemed artistic. It makes me more likely to document things, believing deeply that I will get to them in time. It is also strange to realize that I feel connected enough to the online knitting community that it would pain me to leave.

So here I am.

What is the best way to return and talk about the zillion things I have been doing in recent weeks? By showing you roses of course. I was in Portland, OR just past the height of the rose season this past June. I got to the gardens on a gloriously sunny day and ran around taking tons of pics, telling myself I would use them primarily for inspiration when dyeing rovings for spinning. More on dyeing later.

Wouldn’t these colors make a gorgeous handspun yarn? The roses in the garden were everywhere, so potent that I felt slightly intoxicated after a few hours wandering around and sniffing in the hot sun.

It was hard to capture garden shots, because the area was so large. But I would highly reccomend a trip to Portland in mid June.

After all, if an overabundance of flowers and perfume are not your thing, you can always head to the Japanese Gardens. Prepare yourself for beauty and relaxation.

Happy Summer!



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