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His and Hers socks June 1, 2007

Posted by lunarawe in baby socks, dyeing, fo, Knitting - FOs, knitting socks, socks, yarn.

Making my housemate’s socks has been a bit of an adventure.

First of all simply getting her to agree to wear a pair of handknit socks (rather than hang them on the wall as art if you can even imagine the horror) was a journey in and of itself. Luckily she fell in love with some violently bright yarn that I had dyed myself. The plan  came together quite easily.

In the fine tradition of plans, this one had a twist. The yarn had enough color in it to cry out for a simple, stockinette design. I complied. I did the exact same thing for both socks, based on my most favorite, can-be-knit-with-my-eyes-closed, pattern. And what became of that? Fraternal twins!

Was my dying just that inaccurate? Did I use wedges of color or something else equally crazy? The gauge is the same for both socks. The stitch count is the same. What on earth happened?

Finally the socks were complete. Of course she loves them just as wacky as they are. Is anyone surprised? I had some yarn left over so I thought I would make these. Remember that friend of mine who is having a baby? She also happens to be my housemate’s daughter. Grandma and grandson socks. Could there be anything cuter?

In my humble opinion, I just don’t think so. I gave her both together.

Such joy. Now we continue to await his arrival.



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