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I’ve Been Bad May 4, 2007

Posted by lunarawe in knitting, knitting socks, Rockin' Sock Club 2007, socks.

Don’t ask me why, but I somehow managed to hit a blogging wall. I assume this happens to many bloggers… but I got to the point where I just didn’t feel like writing about knitting anymore. Or spinning for that matter. I love both, mind you… I have just been so tired. Too much work, too much travel, too much drama. You know how it is.

But I feel bad for my socks growing slower than slow… and figured I might as well post the pictures that I have been taking.

My Rockin’ Sock Club ‘Inside Out’ socks are just five rounds from completion. They will be finished on the plane back to Cincinnati this evening. Why? Because my latest sock club package is waiting for me at Eric’s house and I can’t be opening that shipment without finishing this one. Here was my first sock in all its glory:

And here is where the pair is at now:

So close! The cables are much cooler when actually stretched out on my hoofie woofies. Speaking of large feet… you will notice the legs of the socks are not terribly high… this is because I was conserving yarn due to the high number of stitches and the wideness of my feet. They are comfy though, so no complaints.

Then there were the socks that my housemate finally deigned to allow me to make for her. Here is her modelling the first bright monstrosity:

And the current state… not so terribly different than what you see above. These are next on the list. I need to rescue my needles to work on my Silkies!

I still seem to be fascinated by covering feet with yarn. Go figure.



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