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Blue Faced Leicester March 18, 2007

Posted by lunarawe in fo, handspun, Project Spectrum 2.0, spinning, spinning - FOs, spinning fo, stash enhancement, yarn.

So I have of course heard experienced spinners talk about the glories of Blue Faced Leicester wool. So much so that the last time I was in the fiber store I decided to purchase just a little bit… to see for myself. When the owner discovered I had never spun it before she just handed me the three and a half ounces that I had brought up to the counter, saying that all spinners should know about these sheep.

My first delight came from the roving itself. Just a bundle of fluff… I wanted to wrap myself in it and snuggle.


But instead of snuggling I spun. I mean really… the fibers that would have wound up in my locs alone would not have been worth it.

I did my now standard three ply, which of course left me with two bobbins with singles remaining at the end. By the time the first bobbin ran out I was more than ready… because the yarn barely fit! You can’t really tell from this photo, but there is hardly any room between yarn and flyer at this point:


The result of course was worth it. The staple on this wool was almost double the merino I have been spinning, and the bloom in water was not to be believed. This yarn is so yummy (about 212 yards)! I also knew I wanted to make something white before the Project Spectrum 2.0 colors shifted in March. My housemate is threatening to purchase a sheep! Of course, I think she has been looking for any excuse for a while now.




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