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Take Two of These… March 11, 2007

Posted by lunarawe in handspun, Project Spectrum 2.0, spinning, stash enhancement, yarn.

I have begun the journey of spinning a glorious handpainted roving from Blue Moon Fiber Arts in their Rocktober colorway. I purchased this delightful ball of 50% merino 50% tencel fibers at The Fold several weeks ago. I have been admiring it, wondering what I might do with my first multicolor roving.

My drama unfolded like this. It is very simple for me to divide a roving into color repeats. Also to divide it into even numbers of length wise pieces. But I wanted a three ply yarn and as mentioned earlier, my navajo plying skills are nonexistent.

So I sat and thought about what to do with this roving which was just taunting me in its unspun form. I finally decided to take two of these (from the Rocktober colorway):


and one of these (some cobalt superwash merino / tencel blend that I had left over from making my first machine washable handspun):

to make a very satisfying blend. As you can see above the entire skin (all of about 54 yards of worsted weight yarn… only 1/5 of the total roving) has a much bluer cast now (the cobalt being the exact same shade of blue as found in the Rocktober colorway). It was fun to watch this ply. For about half way through the plying the two Rocktober singles actually matched, and I got even colors that were 2/3 from the multicolor roving and 1/3 cobalt blue. But somewhere in there my yarn thickness must have shifted because I started getting three color blends. I have no idea what to make out of this yarn once all ~270 yards are completed, but whatever it becomes will definitely be… interesting.



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