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“Tedious Work” March 4, 2007

Posted by lunarawe in knitting, knitting socks, Project Spectrum 2.0, socks.

So I have had the pleasure of not travelling for work for almost two weeks now. And in that time, I have left my twin rib socks in progress waiting to become airborne once again before returning to them. They are my *travel knitting*. That said, I was very happy to cast on the toe of my second sock last night in preparation for this morning’s flight to Boston. I think I deserve a personal award for not immediately casting on the new goodies from the Rockin’ Sock Club that arrived on Friday. No SSS here! I did, of course, bring the needed materials with me in case I finish this sock before returning home.

After all that goodness imagine my amazement at a new twist on the conversation I inevitably have with flight attendants whilst creating socks a mile above ground. Always before anyone gives me something to drink, I get asked what I am working on. I don’t mind this phenomenon. I consider it an excellent opportunity to convert the muggles as our dear Yarn Harlot has named them.

This morning I was struck however, when a lovely flight attendant stopped by my seat and asked what I was making. “A sock,” I replied. She smiled at me and shared that she had noticed all the “tedious work” I had been doing and just had to ask what it was for.


Can you imagine? Now, I know that in yesteryear our sock making ancestors might well have found some of their hand-knitting tedious as it was done out of necessity. But today? It is quicker and much less expensive to buy machine made socks in the store. Frankly, I found the flight much more tedious than the knitting. Oh well. My evangelistic tendencies failed me this time.

Just wait ’til the return trip.



1. Emma - March 4, 2007

Hee, tedious They just have no idea, do they?

2. emilee114 - March 5, 2007

Yeah, I’ve had that comment too.

“Meditative” I said, and smiled blissfully.

3. zeph - March 5, 2007

Some folk will never understand..

Glad to hear of knitting still happening on planes. Admittedly, I’m surprised you were allowed knitting needles in the cabin. Here, security’d take them off you, or you’d have to put them in the hold.

4. lunarawe - March 5, 2007

For some reason they let my needles through. Maybe because I use circulars? No idea. Haven’t had a problem in the U.S. though.

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