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Nostalgic Peppermint February 20, 2007

Posted by lunarawe in handspun, spinning, spinning - FOs, spinning fo, yarn.


So I finally returned to my candy cane yarn. I had a lot of the red single left just waiting for more of the undyed wool for plying. This is definitely my strangest spinning project to date. After spinning the first roving from Ferndale Fibers and plying it against itself, I was not happy about the coarse, scratchiness of the resulting yarn. But I had a whole other 8 oz roving remaining. Yes, I could have returned it… but the color was so beautiful. I decided instead to ply with some super soft undyed wool tops I had purchased to use while learning.

I am very happy with the softness of the resulting yarn. Also plying two different colors has taught me a lot about plying itself since it is so much easier to see what I am doing. That said, I just added another 190 yards of candy cane yarn to my stash (and finally soaked that other skein from last time as well) bringing me to a grand total of 415 yards. Some of the red roving remains. Do I keep making yard upon yard of candy cane yarn hoping that some project will inspire me to knit with these colors? Do I quit while I am ahead now that (finally!) that entire bobbin of red singles has been plied and set? Do I quit whining and remember how much I adore my new wheel and spinning in general?

Hard to say. Anyone have a great pattern suggestion for a yarn filled with peppermint dreaming?



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