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For the Love of a Knitter February 16, 2007

Posted by lunarawe in knitting, knitting socks, socks.

My recent weeks have been filled with the humming drone of airplanes. The sharp increase in my travel has served mainly to put a significant dent into my knitting and my spinning (ok, and to get me back and forth to work events).

On Thursday, having been home for all of three days, I got on a plane bound for Washington, D.C. and expected more of the usual: horrible delays, unhappy flying companions, and struggling to keep my needles to myself while being packed in tight as sardines in a glorified tin can.

To my utter delight that is not what happened. For the first time in weeks my flight left on time. My housemate and I had an entire exit row (five seats) to ourselves. And I had all the room in the world to knit. Not once was my ball of yarn tucked under one arm as we waited to take off or land.

Better still a woman two rows ahead of me was also knitting socks. I discovered this when the nice man behind her got up from his seat and started digging around looking for a lost double pointed needle.

Can you imagine the horror of losing a double pointed needle right at the *start* of a flight? Terrible. You know I had to get involved. We found it eventually, after a long saga. And I eased my way forward in the cabin to say hello and share the mile high sock experience with her.

Delightful. Others on the plane shook their heads in confusion as we compared our socks and our yarns. For me, it left a smile on my face that lasted long past the time when the wheels hit the tarmac.



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