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Candy Cane Yarn February 1, 2007

Posted by lunarawe in handspun, spinning, stash enhancement, yarn.


Here is my yarn in progress. Amazing how the blooming during soaking changes its appearance. The yarn above has not yet been in water, while the yarn below has already been soaked and dried. The pomegranate is only to distract you from the candy cane nature of this two ply. The red is another roving from Ferndale Fibers. I found the fiber to be quite coarse, so this time I chose to ply it with some white wool tops. Much fluffier and lovely. Not sure about the candy cane element though.

This is about 225 yards so far. I still have at least another 150 – 200 yards of the red single on the bobbin. So I have more white spinning in my future. These two singles were also spun using different ratios which was new for me. But then, most things having to do with spinning are new to me… and will be for quite some time!


1. Rogue Tess - February 6, 2007

Hi lunarawe
Thanks for visiting me at singsurfknit! I’m glad to have found my way to your blog. Your handspun is so inspiring!

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