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The Beer Cozy Saga January 10, 2007

Posted by lunarawe in beer cozies, fo, knitting, Knitting - FOs.


Yes, it is true… I have been doing a lot of beer cozy sharing. But it really seems important to immortalize the end of this long journey. A friend of mine had really insisted that gifting a set of beer cozies was all about the presentation. She was clear that I had to knit at least six, and present them to my aunt on a six-pack of beer. Sounds easy, right?

So there I am sitting in Miami International Airport waiting for my flight to Panama. I am working on a second black and white beer cozy when a man sitting near me politely inquires whether I am making a hackey sack. I smiled at him and sheepishly told him that no, I was working on a beer cozy. After he understood what I was talking about his entire face transformed into an amazed smile (as opposed to the horror of many of my friends, especially those who believe beer is best appreciated out of the bottle).

I finished that one on the plane, and two more in my mother’s house in the day and half leading up to Christmas that I was in Panama. Of course I had to stay focused, since my mother pouted and insisted that she was in greater need of beer cozies than my aunt. Sisters? Could you tell?

Then came the fateful Christmas morning. When my aunt first peered into her gift bag (bringing wrapped presents through customs of course being a no-no) she had this reaction:

I will admit that this pleased me greatly. She was the perfect beer cozy candidate. After she finished laughing enough to be able to actually remove the six pack from the bag, the rest of the family was able to admire my handiwork.


Priceless. She was even smiling.



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