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It’s all about humility December 15, 2006

Posted by lunarawe in knitting, spinning, yarn.

I have been dreaming of spinning my own yarn since I was somewhere around the age of seven. I have vague memories of a school trip. I cannot recall where we went, or what the purpose was, but I remember the welcoming face of a round, wise woman who looked like she belonged on either side of my family. She taught me (and probably others, but I don’t remember that part) how to card wool, and allowed me to pass the shuttle back and forth on her already dressed loom.

I was amazed.

I have had this vision of myself spinning and weaving ever since. Just a constant assumption that at some point in my life I will be able to do both with skill, maybe even have the opportunity to press carders or a shuttle into another set of small hands.

The problem of course is that a couple of decades of knitting leads me to believe that I can do almost anything with yarn. I can crochet when I have to, I have even managed to follow instructions for macrame. Yes, I need some real instruction before learning anything about weaving, but I haven’t tried that particular craft yet, and so my happy illusionary bubble of weaving beautiful things has not yet met the beginner’s first taste of reality.

But last night I sat in a friend’s house while his mother gave us our first lesson in spinning. I have been reading books, of course. And even watching fabulous instructional movie clips online. She let us try out her Ashford traditional spinning wheel. It is a single drive wheel with a single treadle. So beautiful… and such a challenge! She kept telling us that we would feel like we had three thumbs but I found myself thinking that an extra thumb or two might be helpful!

I came home with a pile of wool tops and a drop spindle to keep my interest while I think about getting a wheel of my own…

And so with humilty (and while foolishly wearing a black fleece) I began once again to botch attempt spinning those long fibers into yarn. I am learning… one hopes. For now I will look upon this “yarn” with humility, find sources of inspiration, and just keep trying.



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