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And then there were three… December 13, 2006

Posted by lunarawe in beer cozies, knitting, Knitting - FOs.

Yeah… there had to be at least one more. What a set. Eye watering to be sure. I think this one is my favorite. The basic beer cozy pattern allows you to substitute practically any stitch in the midsection. I unveil to you the purple-seed-stitch-beer-cozy.

Can you tell that the same bottle of beer is used in every photo? I personally am allergic to beer, so I never drink it. Luckily this one was left in the back of my fridge by my mother in August. Otherwise we would have been sadly lacking a beer cozy model.

Yep… these still make me giggle.



1. christie - December 19, 2006

Hi, nice beer cozies! Just wondering, do the beers stand up nicely on the table? I want to knit some beer cozies but I really want the base to be nice and flat – I was thinking of learning to crochet to make a nice disk for the base but if the knit one works I would prefer it. Thanks,

2. lunarawe - December 19, 2006

The cozies work really well. They stand quite nicely and the bottom really is flat. I would say definitely use the knitted pattern. Do post pics of them when they are done so we can rejoice with you!

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