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Beer Cozies December 10, 2006

Posted by lunarawe in beer cozies, knitting, Knitting - FOs, yarn.

So of course I couldn’t resist. How often do you get to knit something absolutely ludicrous that you just know someone you love will love? Enter the beer cozy. I am betting that, like me, when looking at the image above you can easily imagine 1001 terribly wrong uses for these two pieces of fiber madness.

Frankly, I am unsure that the beer cozy will actually serve its intended purpose. Sure, it may keep your beer from leeching the warmth from your hand, but insulation? I am just not convinced. It is likely to overrule the need for a coaster for your beer bottle… but seriously. Who uses a coaster when drinking beer straight out of the bottle?

Nevertheless, I began this afternoon by knitting the world’s ugliest beer cozy. I have to speak in defense of the author of Knitting With Balls, Michael Del Vecchio. In his “hands on guide to knitting for the modern man,” there are no beer cozies knit in terrifying colorways. His choice of Cascade Fixation was solid in color for all three examples. Don’t ask me what I was thinking this afternoon in my LYS.

I truly believed that the colorway below was “Christmasy” at first glance, not destined to create the world’s ugliest beer cozy.

After creating such an eyesore, I had to revert to a more dignified look… hence the formal beer cozy.

Which do you think she will prefer? I still have a purple, blue, and green colorway that I have not yet tried and scads of leftover yarn. One thing Michael doesn’t tell you… one skein of Cascade fixation will make at least four beer cozies. I can just hear my aunt cheering now.



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