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In Progress December 1, 2006

Posted by lunarawe in knitting, knitting socks, socks.

One of the huge benefits of having several WIPs going at once is that it allows you to set the knitting aside when it has pissed you off so badly upset you to the point that you need a little break.

I for one feel pretty strongly that the intentionality we put into our knitting is as important as the yarn, the pattern, and our skill. So when something incredibly annoying puts me in a bad mood about my knitting… I try to just walk away.

What, you may ask, did such a cute halloweeny sock do to irritate me to that point? Normally a dropped stitch isn’t so bad right? We all get them. Eventually you just get good at picking them back up again and you move on.

Imagine my delight when I found a dropped stitch in the row of double decreases in the Jaywalker pattern… something I discovered while knitting on an airplane where loud cursing is sadly frowned upon.

I grumbled, I tied it up with string, and I moved with alacrity onto something else. I think the fact that I returned to the sock after merely a couple of weeks of glaring at it on the kitchen table is a sign that I have grown. I grabbed a stash of double point needles, picked up the errant stitch in all its complexity, and moved ahead.

The sock and I are back in right relationship. Ain’t life grand?



1. Sue - December 7, 2006

Just passing the witchy word along……….farm witch is asking for hats, mittens, scarves for a womens shelter for after Yule (Jan 15)


Knit on!!!!
Sue J

2. Sue - December 7, 2006

OOPS! And I like the socks………Koigu??

3. LunarAwe - December 8, 2006

Thanks for the witchy word! The yarn is actually Scout’s Swag in her Socktoberfest colorway. Very fun.

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