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Fit for a Queen November 7, 2006

Posted by lunarawe in hats, knitting, Knitting - FOs.


Sometimes there are people in your life who give their everything and all to make the world easier for you. This could not be more true of my housemate. About six weeks ago I managed to throw my back out… and the kicker is that it is STILL A PROBLEM. Not that my impatience is showing.

That said, my housemate has been a saint. She has been cleaning, cooking, driving, and so much more. Just to ensure that I don’t somehow manage to actually make my back worse.

When she purchased a new winter coat, I immediately dragged her (again, the poor woman) to the LYS to pick out yarn for accessories. Today I finished Coronet for her, made out of Noro Big Kureyon in the Naturale colorway. I do have to say that I changed the reductions at the top of the hat, using a pattern that makes a slower spiral up at the top. She loves it, which is always gratifying.

I think hats are fabulous simply because it is easy to start and actually finish them before getting distracted by something new. The Kureyon was a great choice for this hat (entirely hers) because it is so thick that she is guaranteed to stay warm. The double layer of knitting over her ears will also keep out the winter winds.



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