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For All the Unitarian Universalist Knitters Out There November 3, 2006

Posted by lunarawe in free knitting patterns, knitting, Unitarian Universalism.


Please read this important letter from the Rev. Tracy Sprowls Jenks.

(Just a quickly added note to clear up any confusion… I am not the Rev. Tracy Sprowls Jenks, I posted her letter because I thought this effort was worthwhile. –LunarAwe)

Dear Friends,

 I am starting a project called UUs Knit! (A Caps to the Capital Project).

 In many poor countries four million newborns die each year within the
 first month of life, two million of these die in the first 24 hours of
 life.  A few simple health measures can be provided that would prevent
 this huge loss of life such as antibiotics, training to birth attendants,
 immunizations, education on breastfeeding and basic care such as keeping
 the baby dry and warm.

 Here is where we come in!  I am collecting 1000 knit caps from my
 congregation and the UU congregations around the continent.  I need
 knitters in your congregations to be informed about this project.  Then,
 have knitting circles!  Teach your RE children how to knit!  Knit away and
 then send me the caps you have knitted!  I will gather all our knitted
 caps and then I will mail them to Save the Children (under the UU name)
 and then they will be shared with President Bush to draw attention to this
 very fixable problem.

 Click here for patterns and more information about Caps to the Capitol.

 It is this simple: knit a cap (or two), give them to Tracy Sprowls Jenks,
 and save the life of a child!  Look for future notices on this soon.
 Shortly, I will have posters available to hang on your bulletin boards in
 your congregations.

 My contact information is below.  Please let me know how I can help get
 this project off the ground in your congregation.  The goal is to collect
 1000 knit caps by December 28th.  That’s 1000 children whose lives will be
 saved.  Imagine what these children could contribute to the world!

 This project runs from now thru the end of December.   I will mail all
 caps by December 28th.
 Rev. Tracy Sprowls Jenks
 Religious Education Minister
 Unitarian Society of Ridgewood
 113 Cottage Place, Ridgewood, NJ 07450



1. Maurie McClure - December 17, 2006

Hello Rev. Jenks,

Three of us knitters from the UU Church of Asheville, NC have made 23 baby hats for the Caps to the Capitol project! I will be mailing them to you this Tuesday, Dec. 19. I hope they will arrive early enough to be included in your mailing to Washington. We were thrilled to participate in such a fun and meaningful project.

Thank you,

Maurie McClure

2. lunarawe - December 19, 2006

What a wonderful outpouring of knitted love! I want to be sure to mention that I am not actually Rev. Tracy Sprowls Jenks, but I will forward this message to her. I posted her letter just to have more information out there. It seemed like a good thing to share. Happy Holidays and thanks for knitting!

3. nancy fiske - April 5, 2009

i’m an unstoppable knitting u-u who knits in church and at meetings. recently a man in our congregation put out a call to help with sending materials to his friend in afghanistan, a special forces soldier who is working with kids aged 4 to 12. while he requested shoes and writing tablets, i thought, hmm – shoes must mean they need socks too. are there other groups out there who have done something similar? i figure that a sweater and socks for 15 kids is doable. i respect the work done by afghans for afghans, but this would be more up close and personal, and supportive of one soldier’s efforts to make a difference.

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