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The Wonderful World of Witching October 31, 2006

Posted by lunarawe in free knitting patterns, knitting, Paganism & witchcraft.

On this Samhain eve, it seems appropriate to ask the question, “do witches really knit?”

I mean, there have to be more of us out there, right? The answer I uncovered was interesting. I found very few images of witches knitting (but a lot of tacky knitting patterns of witches). One drawing by artist Joshua Isaac Howell depicts the less friendly side of witches, but at least this one is industriously knitting!

Some patterns were actually cute, like this knit-yourself-a-witch’s-hat pattern. This hat is unlikely to protect anyone from a house falling on their head, but it sure will keep them warm in winter.

There were plenty of other stitching witches in the blogosphere, some more active than others. I am sure I have missed folks. Holler if you would like to be included in the list below!

Knit Witch http://edenknit.blogspot.com/

Knit Witch http://miracole.blogspot.com/

Knit Witch http://www.purthknitwitch.blogspot.com/

Knitting Goddess #9 http://www.stitch-witch.net/

The Nocturnal Knit Witch http://nocturnalknitwitch.blogspot.com/

Farm-Witch http://farm-witch.blogspot.com/

Knit Witch’s Realm http://knit-witch.blogspot.com/

The Worsted Witch http://www.worstedwitch.com/

Stitch Witch http://www.knitstitchwitch.blogspot.com/

The Stitch Witch http://stitchwitch.typepad.com/

Erssie Knits http://erssieknits.squarespace.com/

Last but not least, for the knitting witch who has everything, the knitting witch poster.

Happy Halloween!



1. Erssie Major - April 26, 2010

Add me to the list please!
I know this is an old post but I am still around.
I am a Pagan and design pagan related knitting and crochet patterns from time to time for books, mags or websites like the Anticraft.

2. lunarawe - May 19, 2010

I added you! Sorry it took awhile, this is an old post. Glad to have discovered your blog!

3. Eileen Greene (Rowan) - November 15, 2010

Yes, Yes, please add me to your list. Am a crazy spinning, weaving, natural dyeing, gardening, kniting witch! There are more of us out there???
Help-how do I get the pokeberry recipe? Have them in the pot as of last eve. This small adventure to your site has been inspirational. Thank you.

Green Blessings, Rowan

4. livetsprestinne - October 14, 2012

Any updates on the list? 🙂

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