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FO: Socktoberfest Goal Met! October 27, 2006

Posted by lunarawe in Knit Alongs, knitting, Knitting - FOs, sock wars, Socktoberfest.

I am just so pleased I cannot stand myself. All of my socks from yesteryear have been completed and I even added in another pair of socks of doom for myself. Woo hoo! This from the Empress of a Million WIPs.

The amazing thing is that I am not yet sick of socks! You would think with all the reading, knitting, dying (a la Sock Wars), and frogging that I would have had enough. But no… I am thinking of Jaywalkers with Scout’s Socktoberfest yarn.

Maybe that is a good thing. I travel so much for work that I had better not get sick of knitting socks. Of course, moving from California to a wintery place means that I should invest more time in those two sweaters currently on the needles. It is COLD here. Sheesh.

 Anyway… this is me admiring my warm toesies. May you all have toasty hand-knit socks to protect you from the Wintersmith.


1. melknits - October 29, 2006

Those are fantastic. I’m sorry if I missed it from another post, but what’s the stitch pattern?

2. lunarawe - October 29, 2006

No problem. This is the International Sock of Doom pattern by Julie Gardner. You can find it on her blog… see blow.


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