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Emerging Leaves October 7, 2006

Posted by lunarawe in Knit Alongs, knitting, lace knitting, Socktoberfest.

Working with the Lorna’s Laces has been fascinating. Their Baltic Sea colorway is almost a camoflauge run of greens and greys with this surprising turquoise running through everything else. I think I have gotten far enough on the Birch Leaf sock to know that generally the pattern is actually coming through this variegated yarn (it is much clearer without the bright flash from my camera). Still the sections of turquoise are where the pattern can get lost. Hmmm. I think I will keep going. They are on gauge and by some miracle correct thus far.

The Lorna’s Lace yarn splits more than I would like. I am not sure if this is because my Addi’s are too blunt or the yarn is too splitty. Any thoughts out there from others who have worked with this yarn? I do love the softness. Surprisingly soft for something that can be washed in the machine.

To my amusement, there are moments when I prefer the twisted rib on the back of the sock to the leaf lace on the front… a major coup for the rib since I am generally always a fan of leaf patterns. You may see some future socks with this twisted rib all the way down the foot. That’s all for now. Other than adopting a short row heel, I have no plans to change this pattern. So far so good on the top-down Socktoberfest socks!



1. Ketutar - October 8, 2006

I think they look great šŸ™‚ I don’t think it matters that the pattern slightly disappears in the turquoise parts. It looks like you are getting a lovely pair of socks.
About splitting and needles I can’t say anything, I’m afraid.

2. liz - October 11, 2006

I think they look really pretty. I’m working with Lorna’s Laces(making my 2nd pair Jaywalkers) for the first time myself, so I’m not sure if I’m doing anything wrong. My yarn isn’t too splitty – it’s taken a beating b/c I’ve had to keep ripping & restarting.

3. moraie - October 12, 2006

Wow, they have sock patterns in a gathering of lace? Oh dear! My Laces weren’t too splitty EXCEPT when doing the long-tail cast-on. So, I can believe you.

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