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Socktoberfest: ‘Tis the Season October 3, 2006

Posted by lunarawe in Knit Alongs, knitting, sock wars, Socktoberfest.

What is a fallen warrior to do once their time in Sock Wars comes to a close? I was wondering the very same thing, when I discovered Socktoberfest! My first thought of course was that here lay my perfect excuse to start work on some arrrgyle socks… but alas it seems important to maintain my discipline. But when I read Lolly’s suggestion that Socktoberfest might be a good time to finish all those lonely socks in progress…. well! That doesn’t count as a new project right? Clearing out the old to make way for the rebirth of the new is what this season is all about! Plus gratitude for the harvest of course.

 That said, I sat myself down to some painful truthtelling. Other than completing my weapon of doom for  Sock Wars, I have yet to really finish a pair of socks (Note Exibit A above). Even those deliciously soft-looking mulberry colored socks (in Cashsoft… yum!) are not done. I have left them in this sorry state for months! Just awaiting the weaving in of loose ends.

 Oh the scandal.

And that lovely striped sock is lonely… its mate succumbing early to second sock syndrome.

 Why on earth did I bother with all the knitting if I can’t be buggered to finish them off? Well, the truth is that socks have become my polite travel knitting. I first took a class just to learn how to work in the round, not to mention that the use of two circulars fascinated me. But then I realized, as a happily rounded woman who flies a lot for work, that knitting socks allowed me to a) knit on planes b) not have to carry anything terribly bulky when I travel and c) take up less room on the already overcrowded torture tubes with wings.

Sock knitting pulls your arms close to your body and enthralls those around you (who are quite possibly wondering why on earth someone would knit a sock. Ha! Clearly they have yet to experience the delicious comfort of a hand turned heel).

I did have one fabulous plane ride on a puddle jumper (you know, those planes where you would almost be willing to pedal if it would make you feel more confident that the silly buzzing thing would stay in the air). I was seated next to a crocheter in a double seat. We lifted the armrest between us, snugged in for some good fiber work, and had a fabulous time. The flight attendant kept chatting with us, hoping we might make him a sweater in a size medium before the end of the flight. 🙂

 Anyway, last night’s virtual typhoon blew many of the leaves off the trees, heralding the strong presence of Autumn. Would could be better to do post Equinox than knit some warm, snuggly socks?



1. Wendy - October 4, 2006

I love the Halloween vials! I need to get my decorations out.

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