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Looking for a New Lace Project October 1, 2006

Posted by lunarawe in evelyn clark, knitting, Knitting - FOs, lace knitting, shawl.

Now that I am officially done with Sock Wars, it is clearly time to start a new project. Of course, I have tons of works in progress… but this new one is important. I have had a mentor who has given a ton of her time to me over the past three years, and I have been wanting to make her a beautiful shawl as a thank you present. I figured it was about time.

 I completed a this leaf lace shawl about nine months ago


and since then have been giving myself a bit of a break from knitting lace. That one turned out well though, and my mentor is the kind of woman who I think will like something sort of intricate.

I picked a gorgeous jewel tone colorway from Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mill … Mer-Made Blue Violet in 100% wool.

This is the very beginning of Cheryl Oberle’s Kimono Shawl, from her Folk Shawls book. It is much wider than this, but here at least is a good close up of the yarn and the emerging pattern. Kind of scrunched pre-blocking, but you get the idea. This is supposed to be an extra long shawl – 72 inches all told. This one is not triangular though… so it should make a little more sense to my brain. Here’s hoping. But there is nothing like starting a new project. And this yarn is gorgeous to look at, and very soft and pleasant to knit. I only have about 66 inches left to go! 🙂

Check back for updates.



1. Wendy - October 4, 2006

Pretty shawl! Also, I love that blue colorway.

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